Financing for your project abroad

Are you looking for financing for the international growth of your company? The Préstamo Cliente Internacional will allow you to have the necessary financial resources, and in the currency1 in which you operate, to boost your project abroad and contribute to making your international investment a success.


Internationalisation is a guarantee of the future for companies, and a motor for the progress and development for countries. Based on our own experience, Banco Santander knows the challenges that Spanish companies must face in their to establishment abroad and foreign investment projects.

With the Préstamo Cliente Internacional our customers have the financial support they need to promote their establishment and investment project abroad and in the currency in which they operate and the term they require:

  • Boost your international projects right from the start, allocating the necessary financial resources to make each investment a success.
  • Benefit from Santander's international experience to add value to your company's subsidiary abroad with the non-financial support it needs, from the initial phase of the project, through the International Desk.

International projects usually have different return terms than national projects. If you have made the decision to start operations in another country, with the Préstamo Cliente Internacional you will be able to allocate the necessary financial support to your business project abroad to strengthen it and contribute to its viability. Here are some of its characteristics:

  • Available to both resident as non-resident customers.
  • Finance your projects both in euros or in the currency in which the operations will be carried out.
  • Get access to financing for your investments in foreign countries under very favourable conditions.
  • Adapt the characteristics of the loan (term, amortisation, etc.) to the cash flows of the project carried out abroad.
  • Learn about your company's relationship with Santander in Spain to allocate the necessary resources to the business project of your subsidiary abroad.

In addition to our Branch Network, you will have the team of the International Business Centre at your disposal, comprising managers who will support you in your foreign trade needs digitally.

Therefore, you will have the international experience and strength of Grupo Santander through its commercial banks in 16 countries, and with coverage in more than 150 countries for your exports and imports, in the currency you need.

How to arrange it

To get the financial support your investments abroad need or if you need more information about Préstamo Cliente Internacional go to your nearest branch or call the Comex Specialist Centre on 91 600 99 00.

Shall we discuss it?

If you would like more information, visit any of our branch offices.


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