This number is indicative of the risk of the product, being 1/6 indicative of lower risk and 6/6 of higher risk.

Banco Santander is attached to the Credit Institutions Deposit Guarantee Fund. For money deposits the maximum guaranteed amount is 100,000 euros per depositor in each credit institution.



No fees and no terms and conditions

€0 in maintenance fees permanently, with no need to arrange other products to maintain your account with zero fees.

This is a non-interest bearing account (NIR 0%, AER 0%) for legal entities with an annual turnover (of the entity itself or the group of companies to which it belongs) of less than 2 million euros.


Debit card with accident insurance

You will get the Santander One Empresas Debit Card without any issuance or maintenance fees, which includes accident insurance of up to €300,0001.


Transfers and cheques

Transfers in euros with no fees from your Santander Online Banking platform, the Santander App or from ATMs, except for urgent and instant transfers.

Plus, no processing fees for domestic cheques in euros.


How do I open a Cuenta Negocios account?

To open a Cuenta Negocios account, just visit any Banco Santander branch.

Or if you prefer, you can search for your nearest branch.




Now you can get more than just an account with zero fees


Want an iPhone 15?

Enjoy an iPhone 15 with Renting2 for €4.99/month3 if you meet the conditions and:

  1. You open your Cuenta Negocios account at your nearest branch.
  2. You sign up for the promotion here.
  3. You direct debit the collection of your company's Social Security.
  4. You request an iPhone 15, 128 GB for 36 months. The monthly rent will be €22.99/month and, each month, you will receive a bonus of €183.

If instead of renting, you prefer to take cash...


for setting up direct debits for your monthly social security contributions and paying the salary of at least one your employees via the Online Banking platform.

Just follow these steps:

  1. You open your Cuenta Negocios account at your nearest branch.
  2. Sign up for the promotion here.
  3. Set up the direct debits for your company's monthly social security contributions and pay the salary of at least one of your employees via the Online Banking platform.

In addition, regardless of whether you direct deposit your social security, you can contract the Flat Rate of your POS terminal and not pay the fee for up to 12 months5

Sign up for a Flat Rate POS for your online or physical shop so you can charge via mobile phone or on social media platforms, and enjoy the first few months free of charge:

  1. Just for arranging any POS with a Flat Rate, you already enjoy the first six months with zero fees.
  2. If you'd like to add three more months, stop by our branch to arrange a credit card2 linked to the promotion.
  3. Want to add three more months? Arrange an insurance policy for companies6 at your branch.

Taking out any of the insurance policies associated with the promotion only exempts you from paying the POS Flat Rate fee for three months if you have already taken out one of the credit cards.


Until 30 September. Read all the terms and conditions here.

If you prefer, you can also search for your nearest branch here.

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