Carry out transactions at the ATM with your mobile

With the new functionality of the Santander App, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, you can go to the ATM without having to carry your cards on you.

You only have to:

  • Download Santander App onto your phone, in case you have an iOS device you can also use Apple Pay1, if your device is Samsung use Samsung Pay2.
  • Go to one of our contactless ATMs. You can identify them with this symbol
  • Select the card you want to use, if not, the one defined by default will be used. In case of using a credit card, the fee applied will appear on the ATM screen.
  • With the app open, position your phone on the contactless reader and enter your PIN code.

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How to withdraw cash a code

Use this tutorial on how to do it with your mobile using the Santander App

How can I use contactless ATMs?


You can generate a QR code with Santander App to withdraw cash from an ATM. Simply pass the mobile phone with the QR code on the screen over the ATM reader.

  • Configure the operation in the App or in Online Banking.
  • Choose the card, the amount to withdraw and sign the operation.
  • Withdraw a minimum of € 20 and a maximum of € 300 per day. Also, you will have a maximum of € 1,000 per week.

With the QR code you can withdraw the cash yourself or send it to whoever you want.


If you link your debit card you can carry out the same operations as with the physical card through your mobile: debit cash withdrawals with no fees, pay bills and taxes, deposit money, check balances and movements, change PIN number, and more.


By linking the credit card you can make credit cash withdrawals and pay bills and taxes, at any contactless ATM.

Information of interest

1. iPhone 6 or later.
2. Minimum version of Android 6.0 and mobile equipped with NFC. Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, S7,S7 edge, S6, S6 edge, S6edge+, A5 2016 or A5 2017.

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