Basic Debit Card

This is the debit card associated with the Cuenta de Pago Básica. It allows you to make purchases and withdraw cash at no cost using ATMs on the Santander network in Spain.

The issuance and maintenance of the Basic Debit Card is exempt from fees.

Benefits of the Basic Debit Card

The Basic Debit Card has a series of benefits such as:

  • Debit cash withdrawals by card at no cost using ATMs on the Santander network in Spain and from more than 30,000 ATMs identified with the Santander brand worldwide.
  • Secure shopping: with this card you can make purchases with greater protection on the internet through the CES (Secure Electronic Commerce). Every time you make a purchase, a different password will be sent by text message to the mobile phone associated with the card.
  • € 0 liability in the event of fraudulent use. Covers liability in case of fraudulent use, except in cases of negligent use of the PIN and/or card.
  • To make purchases or withdraw cash from an ATM it will be necessary to enter the PIN (4-digit personal code). It can be obtained immediately at, using a mobile with the Banco Santander and Santander Wallet apps or at your nearest Santander branch. It is not necessary to enter the PIN for purchases under € 20.

Fees for debit card cash withdrawals from ATMs

  • Using ATMs on the Santander network in Spain: exempt.
  • At ATMs identified with the Santander brand worldwide: exempt
  • At ATMs belonging to other banks in Spain: Banco Santander will pass on the fee charged by the ATM owner, the amount of which will be indicated on the ATM screen prior to completing the transaction.
  • At ATMs belonging to other banks outside of Spain but in EU Member States: Banco Santander will pass on the fee that is charged by the owner of the ATM in each case (which will not exceed 0.20% of the amount withdrawn plus €1.30).
  • At ATMs of other entities outside Spain and outside EU countries: the commission will be 4.50% of the amount drawn, with a minimum of €3.50.

Fees for balance inquiries at ATMs

Checking account balances at an ATM with the Basic Debit Card at any of those belonging to the Banco Santander network will cost € 0. At ATMs of other entities within the national territory, the fee for checking the balance at ATMs will be € 0.75.

The activation of payments via mobile device is exempt from fees.

In the case of purchase operations in a foreign currency other than the euro, a fee of 3% for each transaction will be will be passed on, with no minimum per transaction.

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Additional non-mandatory services

To arrange the Cuenta de Pago Básica it is not mandatory to arrange other services or products with the bank. However, as the holder, you can make use of these services by signing the corresponding contract:

  • Digital banking, with which you can manage your account remotely and carry out payment operations, transfers and standing orders, using the code system agreed with the Bank.
  • Basic Debit Card, to make debit card cash withdrawals at ATMs in the European Union and perform payment operations charged to the account.

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Servicios adicionales no obligatorios

Para contratar la Cuenta de Pago Básica no es obligatorio adquirir otros servicios o productos del banco. No obstante, como titular, podrás disponer de estos servicios mediante la suscripción del correspondiente contrato:

  • Banca digital, con la que podrás gestionar tu cuenta a distancia y realizar operaciones de pago, transferencias y órdenes permanentes, mediante la utilización del sistema de claves acordado con el Banco.
  • Tarjeta de Débito Básica, para retirar efectivo a débito en los cajeros automáticos de la Unión Europea y realizar operaciones de pago con cargo a la cuenta.

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Free scheme for people in situations of vulnerability

The holder will not have to pay the account maintenance fee if able to demonstrate that they are in a special situation of vulnerability or at risk of financial exclusion, under the terms provided for in Royal Decree 164/2019, of 22 March, establishing a free scheme for basic payment accounts.

To be entitled to this free scheme, all account holders and authorised parties must prove that they are in a situation of vulnerability. To do this, the holder or holders must apply to the Bank to recognise the right to adhere the free regime and demonstrate that their gross economic income, calculated annually and per household, does not exceed:

  • Twice the Public Index of Multiple Purpose Income in force at the time the request is made, if not integrated into any family unit.
  • Two and a half times said indicator if integrated into a family unit of less than four members.
  • Three times the indicator if it is a family unit of four or more members or that has the recognised status of a large family, or if it is a family unit that includes a person with an officially recognised degree of disability equal to or greater than 33 percent.

In addition, none of the members of the family unit may be the holder, directly or indirectly, of any real right over real estate, excluding the habitual residence, or hold real ownership of commercial companies.

The determination of the concept of family unit, is established in the provisions of Law 35/2006 on Personal Income Tax. However, for these purposes, common-law couples constituted in accordance with the requirements that may be required will have the same consideration as not legally separated spouses.

The holder, or holders and authorised parties, must provide the Bank with the following information about all the people who make up the family unit:

  • Number of people that make up the family unit, providing the 'family book' or document proving registration as a common-law couple.
  • Receipt of income, for which each of its members must provide any of the following documents:
  • Certificate of income and, where appropriate, Certificate of Wealth Tax, from the previous tax year.
  • Last three pay slips.
  • Certificate of unemployment benefits or subsidies, issued by the managing entity, detailing the monthly amount received.
  • Certificate of social wages, minimum insertion income or similar social assistance monies granted by the autonomous communities and local entities.
  • In the case of self-employed workers, a certificate issued by the management body showing the monthly amount received if receiving the benefit for having ceased trading.

If the holder does not have this documentation, he must provide a report issued by the social services of the City Council at which he is registered, in which the composition of the family unit is indicated or in which the suitability for access to the free scheme of the basic payment account is reasoned.

In addition, the holder will authorise the Bank so that it can obtain by electronic means information on the absence of any ownership of real rights over real estate and commercial companies.

The Bank will notify the holder of the recognition or denial of the condition to adhere to the free scheme in writing and free of charge, within a maximum period of 30 days counted from the date of the complete submission of the indicated information. Once this period has elapsed without the Bank having sent a communication to the owner, it will be understood that it recognises the right to adhere to the free scheme.

The free scheme of the account will be maintained for a period of two years, counting from the moment of its recognition. Two months before this period elapses, the Bank will request the holder update the information that demonstrates the situation of vulnerability. In any case, the holder will lose the right to the free scheme should the Bank verify that he/she is no longer forms part of the vulnerable group or at risk of financial exclusion.

Dispute resolution procedures

In case of discrepancies with the Bank regarding any matter related to the account or associated services, the holder may file a complaint with the Complaints and Customer Service Department, Calle Josefa Valcárcel, 30, Edificio Merrimack IV, 2ª planta, 28027 Madrid, either in writing to the above address, by fax, to the number 91-7594836, or to theOffice of the Customer Obudsman at: Oficina del Defensor del Cliente, Apartado de correos 14.019, 28080 Madrid. In the case of any disagreement with the resolution or if, after the deadlines established by the regulations applicable, a resolution is not obtained, the holder may contact the Bank of Spain Complaints Service, after having previously submitted the complaint to the Complaints and Customer Service Department or the Customer Ombudsman.

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