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Calculate your payroll easily by passing your gross salary to net. Depending on your work and family situation and withholdings applied, you will know the net salary you would have and the real salary that corresponds to you.

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Most Common Questions About the Net Pay Calculator

  • What are net wages on a payslip?

  • Net (or liquid) salary is the exact amount of money that the worker receives as payment for their services after Social Security contributions and taxes have been deducted. Net salary is calculated by deducting the amount due for Social Security contributions and income tax from the total salary accrued on the payslip (payment that the employee is owed for their work).

  • What are the differences between gross and net salary?

  • Gross salary is the total amount that the employee receives from their employer as payment for their services, before deductions. That amount includes salary items (basic salary, extra pay, overtime, bonuses and payment in kind) and non-salary items (subsistence, transport expenses or Social Security benefits or payments).

    Net salary is the money that the employee receives in their account after Social Security contributions and income tax are deducted from the gross salary.

  • What influences net wages?

  • Net wages are influenced, firstly, by how much is withheld for Social Security. A percentage of employees' gross wages is withheld for Social Security contributions and the percentage varies depending on their contract type (temporary or permanent).

    Secondly, income tax withholdings, which are, broadly speaking, an amount that the company deducts from wages as an advance payment of income tax. When the employee files their income tax return, they may have to make a further payment (if less was withheld than they are required to pay for this tax) or they may get a rebate (if more money was withheld than was due). The percentage withheld depends on the gross salary received and each employee's personal status (single, married, with children).

  • How are net monthly wages calculated from gross salary?

  • To calculate an employee's net monthly wages, once we know their gross salary, we also need to know how much their income tax withholding is and how much their Social Security contributions are.

    The percentage of income tax withheld will vary depending on the employee's personal circumstances and family situation, along with which autonomous community they live in, whether they have children or parents under their care, if they are disabled, their contract type, the professional grouping they belong to and more. Minimum withholdings are 2%.

    As regards Social Security contributions, 4.7% is usually deducted from the basic salary, plus extras for common contingencies: 1.55% for unemployment, 0.1% for professional development and 2% for any overtime worked.

    Once we know these two factors, that amount is deducted from the gross salary, giving the net wages as a result.

  • What is gross salary on a payslip?

  • Gross salary on a payslip is made up of all of the payments due to the employee for the work done during the month, before Social Security contributions, income tax and any other applicable deductions are made.

    Basically, gross salary is made up of the basic salary owed to the employee plus any extras they are paid plus, where applicable, any salary in kind they may receive.

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