Banco Santander ATMs

Banco Santander ATMs make your life easier. You no longer the need to wait in line or go to a branch at a specific time. You can do many basic operations in addition to withdrawing cash at our ATMs.

We are very close at hand. Find the closest ATM using our search engine. And don’t forget, you can withdraw cash without a card thanks to the ATMs with Contactless.


  1. Cash withdrawals: using a card, code or mobile phone.

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How to withdraw cash using a code

Use this tutorial on how to do it with your mobile using the Santander App

  1. Check balances and movements.
  2. Change your PIN.
  3. Transfers.
  4. Deposits:
  • Income in own account with mobile or card.
  • Anonymous or third-party income, in cash.
  • Income over € 1,000, with identifier, for legal entities or self-employed persons.
  • Deposits into court accounts.
  • Revenues in collectors.
  1. Bill payments:
  • Payment of receipts with a debit or credit card from any bank.
  • Bill payments in cash receipts with return in currency.

  ATM section in the app

Find out everything you can do from the app before you go to an ATM:

  • Search for the nearest ATMs in working order.
  • Confirm the type of banknote available at the ATM.
  • Alter or change your card's limits straight away.
  • Generate a QR code to withdrawal up to €300 in cash without a card. You can generate it for yourself or for another person.
  • View your account activity or balances.

Log in to your Santander app before going to an ATM and enjoy all of its advantages!

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ATM section in your app

This tutorial shows you all the information on ATMs you can find from the Santander app.

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