Global Management Range

Choose an investment fund that helps you diversify your portfolio efficiently and adapts to your investor profile.

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Income Generation Range

You will receive periodic returns through quarterly payments via share reimbursement.

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A combination of fixed income and equities depending on your risk profile

Mixed funds are ones that invest in both fixed-income assets and equities. Therefore, they can be a valid solution for all kinds of investors covering all risk profiles, both the most conservative and the riskiest.

The percentage of investment in fixed-income and equities will vary depending on the investment policy for each fund. You can choose the combination that best adapts to your risk profile.

Banco Santander's mixed investment funds include various ranges such as the Income Generation Range, which offers periodic income1, and the Global Management Range, an option for efficiently diversifying your investment.

Why invest in Mixed Funds?

  • Diversification: mixed funds are a way of trying to mitigate risk, as, besides investing in different types of assets, they are usually also in different geographical areas, sectors, etc.
  • Adaptability: given the wide range of mixed funds, you are likely to find one that adapts to your investor profile, either by risk level, term during which you want to invest for, capital you are considering investing or other.
  • Management by Santander Asset Management: a global asset manager with more than 200 specialists, a presence in over 11 countries and a high capacity for analysis and strict control of risk.

In addition, our investment funds have:


The liquidity of our funds means you can withdraw the amount you need almost immediately.


Funds are tax-exempt until they are redeemed for individuals who are resident in Spain2. Therefore, it allows you to carry out tax planning adapted to your needs.


Spread risk among different financial assets as a measure to try to reduce the risk of a market decline.

What risk is involved in investing in mixed funds?

Investing in mixed investment funds implies assuming a certain level of risk that will depend on the composition of each fund, market fluctuations and other factors associated with investing in securities, so there is a risk of losing all or part of your investment.

In general, investing in funds involves assuming the following risks:

    Due to the quality of the assets in which it invests, as well as its issuers, this is the risk that the issuer will not be able to meet the payments.

    The possibility that financial instruments are listed or have a value below the price we have paid for them. In this regard, the investments may be affected by:

    Interest rate risk: interest rate fluctuations affect the price of fixed-income assets. The sensitivity to this risk depends on the duration of these assets.

    Foreign exchange risk: fluctuation of the exchange value in the case of assets denominated in currencies other than the reference currency of the participation.

    Market risk due to investing in equities: derived from variations in the price of equity assets.

    Risk from investing in emerging markets: political changes or economic circumstances can affect the value of investments.

    Geographical or sectoral concentration risk: the concentration of our investment in the same area or sector increases market risk.

    Investing in derivatives (futures, options, etc.) may incorporate higher risk given the nature of these products.

    The risk that no counterparty is found in the market and, therefore, a product cannot be sold.

    These risks correspond to environmental, social or governmental events or conditions. The sustainability risk of the investments will depend, among others, on the type of issuer, the sector of activity and its geographical location.

How are they arranged?

You can arrange different mixed funds online. If you are already a Banco Santander customer, you can arrange an investment in mixed funds online.

If you prefer, you can contact us at your nearest Santander branch.

Shall we discuss it?

If you would like more information, visit any of our branch offices.


Mixed Funds

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