Choose the mortgage that best suits


  • Fixed interest rate.
  • Security against fluctuations in the Euribor, allowing you to know what the monthly payment will be until expiry.
  • The price will not be affected by market fluctuations.

Find more information on Fixed Mortages here.


  • Variable interest rate.
  • Regular revisions of the interest rate to be paid according to Euribor.
  • Low commissions and a longer amortisation period. The amount to be paid each month will depend on the Euribor.

Find more information on Fixed Mortages here.

Contract your online mortgage in 7 easy steps

Now, quickly and easily, in just 7 steps, and with the help of a specialised personal manager, you can purchase your primary or second home 100% online with the Santander Online Mortgage.

  1. Calculate your monthly payment.
  2. Enter your details.
  3. Mortgage approved!
  4. Request an appraisal.
  5. Select the notary.
  6. Sign the pre-contractual documentation.
  7. And... sign the purchase of your new home!

A 100% digital process to request your Online Mortgage


You will have an answer to your application in a very short time and you will be able to sign your mortgage in less than a month once it is pre-approved.

More time.

Without having to go to the office, you will only have to go to the notary's office to sign.

More accessible.

Real-time information on the status of your application.


In just 7 easy steps.

With more advantages and less costs.

Discount on the price of your mortgage of up to 100 basis points and without administrative, notary and registry expenses1.

No obligation.

You can modify the simulation to adjust the mortgage to your needs as many times as you need to before making the application and resume your application at any time.


Online and personal guidance

Start now

Take out your online mortgage in 7 easy steps.

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