Management, notary services and survey

  • Does Banco Santander finance additional expenses (survey, taxes, management and notary services)?
  • Banco Santander offers financing for up to 80% of the sale price or appraisal value, but we do not finance any additional expenses.
  • Should I contact a surveyor and request the survey report or can I do it through Banco Santander?
  • You can do either: you can request a survey through the bank at a competitive price, or provide us with a survey done less than six months earlier and we validate it free of charge.
  • Can I choose the management company that will handle the sale registration and mortgage, and manage the taxes?
  • The management company is assigned by Banco Santander. It is not at the customer's discretion.
  • Can I choose the notary's office where I will sign the mortgage?
  • Yes. The customer must choose the notary's office where the deed will be signed.
  • Do you have to go to a notary's office to sign the mortgage deed? How many times do I have to go there?
  • After the change to the Spanish Mortgage Law in 2019, you have to go to the notary's office twice: first to receive advice from the notary public on the mortgage's characteristics. You can visit the office as often as necessary for advice. Second, you need to visit the notary's office to sign the mortgage deed. You must go in person with the seller, the management company's proxy and the notary public.
  • Who asks for the copy of records ("nota simple"): the bank or me as the customer?
  • The bank may handle the request for the "nota simple" and the survey. However, we always recommend that the request for the "nota simple" be filed before paying the reserve or deposit and processing the mortgage so that you can make sure that the property is not encumbered in such a way that may affect the purchase and mortgage.
  • How long does it take to process the survey?
  • On average, three to five days after the visit to the property.
  • Is the survey free of charge if I sign the mortgage with Banco Santander?
  • No, the survey costs are always borne by the customer.


  • In order to start the analysis of a self-build mortgage, does the land need to be in my name?
  • To process a self-build mortgage origination, the land must be unencumbered, be in your name and suitable for development.
  • Is it possible to finance 100% of the builder's quote?
  • Yes, providing it does not exceed 80% of the survey value on the hypothesis of the completed building.
  • Is it possible to finance my funds plus expenses?
  • No, your funds must come from your savings or donated by a family member.
  • Do you need to have taken out a ten-year insurance policy when you formalise a self-build mortgage?
  • Yes, by law you must take out a self-build insurance policy covering at least 100% of the financed sum for the construction period.
  • Does Banco Santander offer the self-build insurance?
  • At the moment, we do not offer the ten-year insurance covering civil liability while the property is built.


  • Does Banco Santander finance 100% of the sale price of a property owned by the bank?
  • The maximum financed sum is 90% of the sale price providing this sum is within 80% of the appraisal value.
  • I have a mortgage with Banco Santander and will be changing houses. Can you finance 100% of the new property?
  • Yes, you can perform a novation on your current mortgage.
  • Can I finance 90% of the property's sale value?
  • You can request an analysis on 90% of the appraisal value providing it does not exceed 80% of the sale value.


  • I am married under the community property regime. Can I be listed as the sole mortgage holder?
  • No, both spouses have to be the holders of a mortgage loan under this regime.
  • I am married under the separation-of-property regime. Can I be listed as the sole mortgage holder?
  • Yes. However, if you are buying your primary residence, your spouse must consent to the transaction. Your spouse will not be liable for any financial or tax obligation. In all other cases, you can be listed as the sole holder.
  • Can there be more than two mortgage holders if I process the mortgage through an online mortgage product?
  • No, the maximum number of parties is two, without accounting for the non-borrowing mortgagor, guarantors or consent-giving parties.

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