How to request a land registry certificate?

The land registry certificate is the document in which the different circumstances of the legal situation of a given property are reflected. This is a summary of the data in the Land Registry. It includes information on the identification of the property, the owner and possible charges, if the property is mortgaged or has any kind of embargo. It also includes information on the physical description of the farm: useful and built area, the plot, the horizontal division or the cadastral reference number, in addition to its accesses.

The land registry certificate is purely informative, but in the case that we want to request authorisation for the sale of a VPO (Vivienda de Protección Oficial - Social housing) or a VPP (Vivienda de Protección Pública - public subsidised housing), it is obligatory to attach it to the application for a permit to sell.

Requesting a certificate from the Land Registry is a simple procedure for which some of this information is required:

  • Registry data of the property: Land Registry number, as well as the municipality and location to facilitate the location of the property.
  • IDUFIR (Identificador Único de Finca Registral - Unique Property Identification Code): Each house has a unique number that is associated with each property. No more information is required to apply for the Land Registry Certificate if the IDUFIR of the property is provided.
  • Ownership: full name of the owner, in addition to the owner's NIF.
  • Location: the full address.

You can request the Land Registry Certificate in person at the Land Registry where the property is located or through the online procedure on the website of the Association of Registrars. If you request the land registry certificate online, you will automatically receive it at the e-mail address you provided in the application. To get the certificate you will have to pay the corresponding fee.

When appraising a property to apply for a mortgage, the valuator needs the land registry certificate dated within the last three months.


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