Get the most out of your credit card!

Because it lets you pay for your purchases conveniently and securely.
Because you will have access to promotions with Santander Premia2.
Because it offers you payment flexibility.

Get it now and start enjoying the benefits!

No maintenance or issuance fee1

With the Online Account, your credit card will have no issuance and maintenance fee in virtual format.

No fees for debit cash withdrawals

Withdraw cash on debit at ATMs without from Banco Santander any fees.

Santander Key at your disposal

Make every payment a secure transaction with Santander Key.

Flexible financing

Enjoy different options for financing your purchases.


Discover everything your Santander Credit Card has to offer


  • No issuance or maintenance fee. If you only have an Online Account, you can enjoy the credit card in virtual format without issuance and maintenance fees. To receive a physical copy, you will have to pay the issuance fee of €9 for a duplicate card in physical format.
  • Withdraw cash on debit with no fee at Santander ATMs in Spain.
  • Accident insurance up to €120,0003. Check here all the coverages.
  • Pay using your favourite wallet (Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Samsung Pay, Fitbit pay or Garmin Pay) with your Santander Credit Card.


  • With Santander Key, you can pay all your online purchases securely. Can't remember your card PIN or CVV? Don't worry! Check your card's PIN and CVV in the app or via online banking.
  • Don't know where you put your card? You can turn off your card from the app or via online banking whenever you need to. And if you find it, turn it back on again with just a few clicks!


  • The Santander Credit Card gives you access to Santander Premia2 special offers just for you and unique discounts on big brands. Check out the programme's participating brands here!
  • And if you like to travel, sign up for the Santander Iberia Plus Plan to earn Avios with your purchases and bills. You can redeem them for flights and much more!


  • With your Santander Credit Card, you can calculate and offset the carbon footprint of all your purchases. Because we only have one planet, and it is our responsibility to take care of it.
  • Santander cards are made from recycled materials.
  • What's more, you can recycle your expired cards at Santander ATMs to give them a second life.


Pay your monthly card bill the way you want to




Full monthly payment

You can pay at the end of the month with no interest. The card is issued with this method of payment, but you can change this whenever you want.

Percentage payment (revolving)

An instalment that you can choose, calculated by applying a percentage to the drawn balance. Instalments will be at least 3% of the balance drawn down, with a minimum payment of €25.
(NIR 18%; APR 19.56%)4.

Fixed instalment payments (revolving)

This option is also available. Instalments will be at least 3% of the balance drawn down, with a minimum payment of €25 and multiples of €25, and a maximum of €600. (NIR 18%; APR 19.56%)4.


Discover the options for financing your card purchases



All you have to do is choose the instalments when you pay for purchases in online or physical retail shops.

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Pay in 3

Choose a purchase you have made with your Santander Credit Card and pay it in 3 installments.

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Split purchases

An easy, flexible way to pay for your purchases in convenient instalments.

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If you are looking for more ways to get the most out of your cards...

Instant cash

Transfer money from your card to your bank account instantly and without hassle.

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Defer bill payment

Delay your monthly card payment by one month.

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Change payment method

Decide how you want to pay your monthly credit card statement via the Santander App.

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Financing bills

Were any of your bills unexpectedly high last month? Finance them in instalments without changing your method of payment.

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Always Connected

If you also think that people come first and then everything else, and that being digital is not an end but rather a means, then we are connected. At any time. However you like. Wherever you want.

Special offers

Discover the offers for your favourite brands and shops when you pay with your cards on the Santander App.

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Apply online for the card you need

At Online Banking you can see the advantages of these Santander cards and apply for them whenever you want.


Carry out your day-to-day transactions

Control the activity of your cards, turn them off and on whenever you need to, check your PIN or CVV, defer payment of your purchases and pay with your mobile phone.

Access your bank wherever you are

Check the activity of your cards and manage them from any mobile device. You decide how, when and where to interact with your bank.

Get your codes

Your bank is always with you

Contact your Santander Personal manager to ask questions, consult the frequently asked questions, learn from our videos and find the closest ATM.


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