Your purchases in 3 free installments (0% APR)

Only until the end of the month without interest or fees with the Santander Credit Card. You won't pay for the card: €0 issuance and maintenance fee.

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Santander Premia

Promotions from your favourite shops and brands on your Santander App. Find what you are looking for and what you didn't even know you were looking for!

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Credit Card Financing

With Banco Santander's credit card financing options, you won't run out of balance in the event of unforeseen events.

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Santander Iberia Plus Plan

Try it free for the first 2 months and you can get 15,000 welcome Avios when you spend a minimum of €700 in any of the first three settlement periods. Check conditions.

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Carry out your daily tasks easily and conveniently

Split purchase

This is the ideal option if you need to finance a specific purchase1. You can use it with more than one purchase, any made in the last 90 days and the card payment method is not affected2.


Instant cash: transfer money from your card to your account

With Instant Cash, transfer money from your card to your account immediately. You can do it from the Santander App from €1003. May no unforeseen event stop you, learn to use Instant cash.


Defer card payment

Plan your card payments according to your needs.

With Deferred card bill4 you will be able to finance part of the amount related to your monthly card payment for one month. In this way, you will be able to make your payments in a more flexible way that is adapted to your needs.

Choose how much of the total amount of your monthly instalment you want to pay4. The rest you can leave for the following month!

Payment method: change it according to your needs5

Choose the payment method that best suits you within the options of your card:

  • Total monthly payment: you can pay at the end of the month without interest. The card is issued with this form of payment, with the option to modify it whenever you wish.
  • Percentage payment (revolving): Quota that you can choose, which will be calculated by applying a percentage on the balance drawn. It will be at least 3% of the balance drawn, with a minimum of € 25. (NIR 18% APR 19.56%)6.
  • Payment of fixed fee (revolving): you can also choose it. It will be at least 3% of the balance drawn, with a minimum of € 25 and multiples of this amount, and a maximum of € 600. (NIR 18% APR 19.56%)6.

We make your daily transactions easier

We have extended the limit from €20 to €50 for contactless payments of purchases using your card without having to enter your PIN.

Use your debit card in your daily life

We offer you a debit card with no issue or maintenance fees that you can sign up for via any of the channels: Using the Santander App or Online Banking, in just 3 clicks or, if you prefer, by calling 915 123 123 you can apply for it via Telephone Banking.

Receive notifications and authorisation for purchases

Alert Service

Configurable in the Personal Area of your Santander App.

Insurance coverage

Credit cards have different coverages, view them here depending on the type of card.

Pay easily via mobile and more

App Santander

Easily manage your cards at any time:

Download the Santander App available for Android or Apple.

Pay with your mobile, watch or activity bracelet

Now you can pay in stores and use ATMs simply and safely, using your card through Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay or Garmin Pay.


Benefits of credit cards

Icon / check Created with Sketch. Win prizes and receive bonuses.

Icon / check Created with Sketch. Pay and manage your purchases from your mobile.

Icon / check Created with Sketch. Make your purchases with confidence and security.


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