If you're looking to travel… the Santander Travel Programme is for you

If travelling is part of your daily life or you like to take a trip whenever you can, the Santander Travel Programme is perfect for you. For only €3 a month, you can:

  • Make cash withdrawals abroad at any ATM around the world. You can make withdrawals 3 times a month free of charge with Santander Credit and Debit cards1.
  • Exempt from fees for non-euro purchases made with Santander Credit and Debit cards.
  • Insurance including travel assistance and purchase protection2.
  • Fee-free currency purchase.

Frequently asked questions about the Santander Travel Programme

  • What fees does the Programme have?

  • All you have to pay is €3 a month.

  • How do I sign up for the Programme?

  • You can sign up through the Santander App or your online banking. Or, if you prefer, you can also visit your branch!

    If you do it from the App, these are the steps you must follow to hire it:

    1. From your Santander App, access the main menu and click on "Contract".
    2. On the screen where you are, scroll down until you get the "Santander Programs" section and select the "Travel" option.
    3. Within the Santander Travel Program, click on "I want it".
    4. On the screen where you are, scroll down to the "Expand your space" section and select the Santander Travel Program to start contracting.
  • How long does the Programme last?

  • The Programme has a minimum duration of 2 months from the first payment of the fee. From that moment, the contract will be automatically extended for successive periods of one month.

Shall we talk?

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Santander Travel Programme


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