How to configure Samsung Wallet?

Setting up Samsung Wallet on your smartphone is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Download the Samsung Wallet application if you don't have it on your phone.
  2. Open the app and create your Samsung Account.
  3. Register your iris, fingerprint or pin.
  4. Select "Add card" and scan your Santander card, or bring it close to the back of the mobile device to add it using NFC. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

If you want to pay with your smartwatch, you only have to register on Galaxy Wear. More details on the Samsung Wallet website.

You can also register your cards with Samsung Wallet in 3 clicks, using your Santander App.

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How to pay with Samsung Wallet?

Learn how to pay with your Samsung mobile phone at any store with a contactless dataphone.

Secure payment

All purchases with Samsung Wallet require your authorisation, either with your fingerprint, iris or a code. Therefore, it is a secure payment method and only you can access your cards.

When paying, select the card you want to use, authorise the purchase with your fingerprint, iris or a code and place your smartphone close to the POS.

What do you need to use Samsung Wallet?

To use Samsung Wallet on your smartphone you need:

  1. A device compatible with Samsung Wallet. You can view them on the samsung page.
  2. A Samsung account.
  3. Register your fingerprint or scan your iris.
  4. Have a Santander card.
  5. Activate the Secure Electronic Commerce System (CES) on your Santander card.

Information of interest

Find out about the Terms and Conditions of Banco Santander S.A. for "Samsung Wallet” mobile payments here - (PDF 321.84 KB).
Only Santander cards activated in Secure Electronic Commerce (CES) are enabled for Samsung Wallet, except: Prepaid cards e-Cash and Santander prepaid wristbands. The Bank reserves the right to modify the cards enabled for use through Samsung Wallet, informing the customer in a timely manner. Samsung Wallet works with compatible devices detailed in

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