The exchange rate shown is merely indicative and is not the exchange rate that might be applied in transactions with the Bank.

  • When should I change to dollars if I'm about to make a trip to the United States?

  • Since this is a commonly used currency, it is more than likely that your branch has dollar notes, but, to make sure, it would be advisable to make the request a few days before your trip. You can carry out the exchange at any Banco Santander branch – the easiest way is to request an appointment here.

    If you want to change dollars left over from your trip, you can also do this at bank branches.

  • Do I have to present a document when I request an exchange from euros to dollars or dollars to euros?

  • You will have to identify yourself to exchange currencies, by way of a measure to prevent moneylaundering. When you carry out the transaction, you will be asked for your full name and ID number to accredit your identity.

  • Exchange and quotes for the US dollar

  • The US dollar is the official currency of the United States. It is the main reserve currency, and a benchmark currency for international transactions. Due to its value and importance, a number of countries have chosen the dollar as their official currency (such as Ecuador, El Salvador, East Timor or Zimbabwe), and in many other countries it is also a legal means of payment (e.g. Panama, United Arab Emirates or Qatar).


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