How do you activate Santander Key?

Registering for Santander Key is a fast and simple process. You can do it in two ways: from the menu on the top right corner of the app, log in to your personal area and click on the "Security Settings" option. You access a Santander Key section. Follow the steps to register.

Alternatively, tap on the Santander Key icon on Santander App's home screen and follow the on-screen instructions.

What is Santander Key and what is it for?

Santander Key is an omnichannel, multi-product signature solution that you can use to sign all of your transactions from your mobile phone. You confirm any purchase with your fingerprint or Face ID as the validation method. Forget about passwords and start paying quickly and safely!

Santander Key uses biometrics to strengthen authentication processes and, therefore, reduce the possibility of fraud.

How does Santander Key work?

When you shop, you receive a confirmation notification on your mobile phone. Tap the message to open the app and confirm the purchase through the fingerprint recognition sensor, or Face ID. Simple and practical! You can also tap on the Santander Key button, at the bottom of the app's home screen, to view any transactions pending confirmation.

Why is it important to have Santander Key?

Your security is our top priority and, for that reason, we have created Santander Key. This method is really important because it reduces your risk of becoming a victim of fraud when you shop online. Cybercriminals find it easier to seize access details based on keys or passwords than on biometric data. Santander Key uses biometric data to operate: you authorise all your transactions from your device, and have control at all times.

Now you can split your purchases with Santander Key

By following these simple steps, you can split your purchases with Santander Key:

  1. When you make a purchase, you'll receive a notification to confirm your purchase.
  2. When you click on it, you will see the option to split the purchase with all the details: installments, commission, total amount, etc. If you want to split it, activate the option "I want to split the amount of this purchase into 3 installments".
  3. Confirm the operation with your fingerprint or face.
  4. And that's it! You'll see a summary of the subdivision you've just done.


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  • How do I access Santander Key from the app?

  • You can access the Santander Key area from the "Security" area in the app, as described in the previous section. You can also display the transactions pending signature by tapping on the Santander Key icon on the home screen.

  • Can you deactivate Santander Key?

  • After you register, you cannot unregister. This is your new signature method for all transactions integrated with Santander Key. Bear in mind that this is a tool that will protect you against electronic fraud, and streamline your shopping and signing experience.

    However, if you are in any way inconvenienced by Santander Key, you can contact our fraud department on 915 123 123.

  • Is validation with Santander Key required for all online payments and purchases?

  • The aim is for all transactions involving cash outflow to be verified using Santander Key.

  • Where can I view my pending transactions?

  • You can access any transactions pending signature in three ways:
    1. Tap on the push notification sent from the app to validate the transaction (you don't need to sign in to the app).
    2. Tap on the Santander Key padlock at the bottom of the app's home screen. The last transaction pending validation opens automatically. Again, you don't need to sign in to authorise the transaction.
    3. From the app's mailbox. Sign in and access the mailbox. There, access Santander Key to see a list of all transactions pending signature. Choose any to validate it.
  • Can you use Bizum with Santander Key validation?

  • Yes.

  • Is Santander Key safe?

  • Santander Key is a multi-factor solution for maximum security. Its authentication factors include inherence (biometrics), knowledge (access key) and possession (secure device) to make sure all transactions are performed by our customers.