Mortgage simulator

Calculate your fixed or variable mortgage instalment for your house or flat 100% online.

Simulate your monthly instalment and associated costs.
Compare and choose the type of mortgage that suits you best.
Do your calculations and buy your house in under 1 minute.

Which is the best mortgage for you?


When it is of interest

A variable rate mortgage is subject to changes in the Euribor, so periodic reviews will be made based on it.

Variable Mortgage Terms and Conditions


When it is of interest

If you want to protect yourself against the risk of an increase in interest rates in the future, you can finance the purchase of your first or second home with payments that will always remain the same.

With our simulator, you can adjust the payments to your income. This ensures that you pay the same amount from the beginning, right up to the end of the loan.

Fixed Mortgage Terms and Conditions



Finance the construction of your family home. Up to 100% of the construction budget and with two years of interest only.

Acquisition of commercial premises

Acquire premises to set up your business with excellent financing conditions and less fees for your mortgage loan.

For non-residents in Spain

If you live outside Spain and are thinking of buying a holiday home in Spain, we have the mortgage for you.

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