Advantages for employees of Working Here member companies

Whether you are already a customer or want to become one, exclusive benefits are available to you if your company is part of the Working Here Programme. Here are some of them:


A non-remunerated current account with NIR 0%, APR 0%1, with no administration and maintenance commission

This account is commission-free for domestic and EU transfers in euros, provided they are carried out via Internet, mobile banking or ATMs. Does not apply to urgent and instant transfers.


If your company belongs to Working Here, you will be able to make your day-to-day purchases and payments with the Santander cards associated with your group account.

Santander Debit Card

  • EUR 0 debit card issuance and maintenance fee.
  • Debit cash withdrawals at Santander ATMs all over the world at no cost.
  • Accident insurance2 up to €120,000.

Santander Credit Card3

  • EUR 0 credit card issuance and maintenance commission.
  • Deferred (revolving) NIR payment: 18%, APR: 19,56%4.
  • Accident insurance2 up to €120,000.
  • Cash withdrawals at ATMs can be:

On credit, against the card's credit limit.
On debit, charged to the account immediately. These types of cash withdrawals are free of charge at Santander ATMs in Spain.


Through your company's participation in the Working Here Programme, you will be able to access an offer of financing for your projects, unexpected expenses or other needs with special conditions.


An exclusive mortgage offer, both to purchase your home or second home in special conditions as agreed between your company and the bank.

Personal Loan

A loan with special conditions to cover unforeseen events or personal needs, from travel to home improvements, with no need to justify what you will use it for.

Salary Advance 6x66

If you have your salary paid directly into your account, you can request an advance of up to six monthly payments, up to a maximum of €12,000. In addition, you have 36 months to pay it back and no monthly repayments for the first six months.


In addition, as a Banco Santander customer and as a member of Working Here, you will have at your disposal a series of special services and benefits for you and your family.

Discount on home purchases in Altamira, Diglo and Casaktua

You will be able to acquire properties owned by Santander Group, both new and second-hand, with special discounts.

Benefits for your partner and your family

  • Scholarship and internship programmes for your children.
  • Preferential financing for their studies and access the most prestigious scholarships via the global search engine for universities, scholarships and grants.
  • Current account and debit card for your children under 25.
  • Additional free cards for your partner.
  • Access to the same preferential financing conditions with your partner as joint holder.

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