Santander Smart POS Terminal User Guide1
  • How do I switch the terminal on and off?

  • If it is switched off, press and hold the power button power for a few seconds to switch it on.

    If it is switched on, press and hold the power button power for a couple of seconds to display a menu showing an option to reset or switch off. Hold down the button to reset the terminal.

    The device also has a low-power auto shut-off system that turns off the screen. To reactivate the screen, press the power button power.
  • How can I make card payments?

    1. Enter the amount and confirm by pressing the checkmark button.
    2. The built-in PIN pad will then give instructions on how to complete the sale.
    3. Swipe, insert or hover the card or mobile phone close to the device. For contactless cards or mobile phones, simply hover the card or device close to the contactless reader until you hear a beep.
    • The terminal may or may not prompt you to enter a PIN. If it does, simply hand the terminal to the customer and ask them to enter their PIN and then press the checkmark button.
    • If the customer is using a mobile phone, the phone rather than the terminal may ask for a PIN. After they have entered their PIN, they should hover the device close to the terminal's contactless reader.
      1. If the customer needs to sign, a screen will appear so that they can digitally sign.
      2. The receipt will then be displayed on the screen and printed out directly. A message will be displayed asking whether you also want a copy for the customer, which includes a QR code.

    • How do I make a refund?

    • There are several ways of issuing a full or partial refund of a transaction:

      From the home screen

      • Select the “Refund” option from the upper tab.
      • Then enter the amount to be refunded and click on checkmark.
      • Enter the order number, which can be found on the customer’s copy of the receipt, or scan the customer’s copy directly.

      From the list of transactions screen

      • Find the transaction to be refunded.
      • Once there, click the refund button and enter the amount.

    • How can I view activity?

    • Using the "List" icon you can view all transactions carried out with the POS terminal, which can be filtered by payment type, transaction type, reference and order number, and can also be narrowed to a specific range of dates power. Transactions are shown in chronological order, from most recent to oldest.

      Transactions may be viewed up to a maximum of 30 days prior to the current date.Clicking on a transaction will bring up more details. There, you can make partial or full refunds or print out a copy of the receipt by clicking on the “Print” button.

    • What settings can I change on the terminal?

    • You can access the settings menu by clicking on the burger-menu icon at the bottom of the screen.

      Direct access to the WiFi configuration.

      User management
      This option is only necessary if the terminal has lost the relevant credentials. By clicking on it, the credentials entry screen will be displayed on the left side.

      Click on this option to view the support telephone number and the information you will be asked to provide during the call.

      Change language
      This option allows you to change the interface language.

      Access to the supervisor menu. Password protected.

    • How can I view the totals for each session?

    • You can use the application to view total figures for each trading session and for each transaction type carried out on a specific date, including the total amount of each transaction. This can be done by heading to “Totals”, where you will see two charts.

      The first one shows the number of transactions carried out, broken down by authorisations (sales), confirmations (of pre-authorisations) and refunds. 

      The second chart shows the amount of the transactions for both sales and refunds.

      By clicking on each of the charts, you will see a complete breakdown of the totals, as well as the option to print out a ticket for the session.

    • How are accounting closes performed?

    • The accounting close takes place automatically at 23.59. The merchant may request the following times if they prefer: 20.00, 02.00 or 04.00, either when registering the POS product or by calling our support team. 

      For merchants wishing to perform a manual accounting close at a different time, there is an option within the lower drop-down burger-menu called “Log-off” time.

      An accounting close will be generated each time this action is run. The next accounting close may be run automatically, preset with the following transactions to be performed, or triggered by another manual log-off.

    Information of interest

    1. POS service marketed by Banco Santander, S.A. and subject to prior approval by Getnet Europe, Entidad de Pago S.L.U. The latter keeps safe custody of funds received from users by placing them in a separate account held at Banco Santander S.A.

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