The answer to bringing forward the payment of your customers' invoices

Factoring for companies is a product that makes it easier for you to collect the payments for sales or services rendered to your customers without waiting for the due date of the invoices.

This advance can be made for invoices issued to both your national and international clients when using Recourse and Non-Recourse Factoring.

Depending on the contracted Factoring option, in addition to the advanced payment you can also enjoy:

  • Collection management carried out by Banco Santander, releasing the company from administrative procedures.
  • Guaranteed collection in the event of the insolvency of your customer.

Factoring is an attractive option for all types of companies, regardless of their size.

What Factoring options does Banco Santander offer?

  • Recourse Factoring (FCR)

    Allows your company to be financed through the advance payment of invoices issued to your customers. What's more, Santander can manage the entire collection management process.

    Choose this product if you have sales concentrations for certain clients and you want to have a stable financing instrument.
  • Non-recourse Factoring (FSR)

    Allows you to guarantee settlement of your invoices – you are insured against the risk of insolvency. Furthermore, as with other Factoring options, you can be financed through the advance payment of invoices and let Santander manage the collection management process.

    Choose this service if you want the most complete option, in which you not only receive advance payments of the invoices you have issued, but their payment is also guaranteed.

How to arrange it.

If you want to arrange Santander Factoring, you can apply at any one of our network of branches.

If you want more information  leave us your details and we will call you.

Shall we talk?

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