What is the Confirming Advance?

Confirming Advance or Supplier Advance is a solution that allows you to receive payment for your invoices in advance when your customer pays you through Confirming.


  • You decide when and the amount you want to finance.
  • You get the benefit of receiving early payment for your invoices.
  • You do not consume your financing limits in banks and it has no impact on CIRBE.
  • You don't need to change bank or sign any contracts

How to access the Confirming Advance

It is available in all channels:

  • On the Confirming App (non-customers) or the Companies App customers)
  • On the Banco Santander website.
  • Over the phone by calling 910 505 953.
  • And of course, through the Banco Santander branch network.


The Santander confirming early invoice payment service includes:

  • The cost of the advance comprises the financing interest rate plus a fee on the financed amount, which is deducted from the nominal amount of the anticipated invoice.
  • The advance will be made by transfer. If it is to a Santander account, you will receive it on the same day of the request.

With the Banco Santander Confirming Advance, you decide when you want to receive payment for your invoices and through which channel. 

Shall we talk?

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910 505 953

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