This number is indicative of the risk of the product, being 1/6 indicative of lower risk and 6/6 of higher risk.

Banco Santander is attached to the Credit Institutions Deposit Guarantee Fund. For money deposits the maximum guaranteed amount is 100,000 euros per depositor in each credit institution.

Bank account for businesses and freelancers

The Santander One Empresas account is a non-interest bearing current account1 that can be opened online.


Enjoy all of the following benefits as well:

0 /month1


No issue or maintenance fees for Santander One Company credit and debit cards


No fees for transfers in euro from our online banking service, from the app or ATMs (does not include urgent transfers).


No cheque processing fees for national cheques in euro.

in account maintenance fees
during the first 12 months


No fees for depositing or withdrawing cash from over 30,000 Santander ATMs across the world.

You can continue to benefit from zero fees throughout the duration of the account if you meet the following conditions2:

  • You ask Santander to manage your payables and receivables.
  • Arrange one of the following products: POS terminal, financing, protection or savings.

For example, you will pay €0 if you set up a direct debit for your social security contributions as a self-employed worker or your mutual insurance company's fees and have a POS terminal with an average monthly turnover of €500.

And, if you meet just one of these two conditions, you will pay a €15 fee3:

  • You ask Santander to manage your payables and receivables.
  • Arrange one of the following products: POS terminal, financing, protection or savings.

If you do not wish to ask Santander to manage your payables and receivables, or arrange the products mentioned above, you will pay a fee of €304


To read more about the products you can take out and benefit from zero fees, please check the FAQs.

Santander One Empresas Plans
Make the most of your account
Santander One Plan
Company Payments

If your business makes frequent transfers or payments at branches, you can benefit from the following for only €6/month:

  • Unlimited number of the following types of transfers, with no additional fees:
    - Immediate SEPA transfers.
    - SEPA standard transfers1.
  • ATM protection insurance2.

for only €6/month


Santander One Plan
Company Iberia Plus

You can earn Avios by signing up for any of the three levels of this Plan (Basic, Premium or Elite) and continue to earn them every month by bringing your payables and receivables to Santander, and earn a 10% discount on your flights with Iberia.

from only €0/month


Santander One Plan
Company VIP Service

Benefit from exclusive benefits for your day-to-day activities, including legal specialised advice on matters related to non-payments and labour or Social Security. Includes:

  • VIP POS1 terminal services::
    - + Sales Service
    - Bizum for your online business2.
  • VIP services for your POS1 terminal:
    - Advisory service in cases where a sale leads to a dispute (917 290 434).
    - We resolve all incidents related to POS terminals within no more than six hours.
  • Legal advice over the phone to handle non-payments3.
  • Legal advice3.

for only €6/month


Santander One Plan
Company Digital Security

Protect the digital privacy of your business and drive your digital transformation with the Santander One Company Digital Security Plan. You can benefit from the following services for only €6/month:

  • Cybersecurity1.
  • Digital Safe Service2.
  • Data protection1. You will receive legal advice over the phone on the following matters:
    - Personal data protection.
    - Obligations regarding security, transfer of rights and exercise of individual rights for you and for your business.

for only €6/month


Santander One Plan
Company Travel

With the Santander One Travel Plan, you can travel much more easily and safely, as it includes helpful services that you can enjoy during your trips.

  • Three cash withdrawals per month at any ATM abroad, at no cost1.
  • No fees for non-euro purchases made with Santander One credit and debit cards.
  • Travel assistance2
  • Assistance in the event of theft or loss of your credit or debit card abroad
  • Currency purchase with no fees

for only €6/month


Frequently asked questions about the Santander One Empresas account

  • What payables and receivables should I set up for direct debit to improve my terms?

  • Receivables: Invoice or receive payments worth at least €1,800 in the past three months from: payments processed with POS terminals, transfers, discount or collection management, collection of direct debit receipts, cheque or cash deposited earned from commercial activity, Agile Collection and Factoring.

    Payables: payments during the past month of salaries, social security or mutual insurance company contributions or six transactions with credit or debit card in the past three months, or payments to suppliers (with Agile Payment, Standard Confirming and DUO or Financed Prompt Payment transactions).

  • What products can I arrange to improve my account's terms?

    • The POS terminal must have registered transactions worth at least €500 over the past three months. Also includes the Universal Pay POS terminal.
    • You can arrange the following financing products: Agile Collection, Factoring, Commercial Portfolio (discounts and N-58), Agile Payment, Standard Confirming and DUO, Financed Prompt Payment, Agroconfirming, personal loan or credit, mortgage loan, Renting (technology or car), Leasing, guarantee or line of guarantees.
    • One or more protection insurance policies brokered by Santander Mediación, with an annual insurance premium of at least €120.
    • With regard to the savings products, investment funds, pension plans or savings insurance plans, structured notes or structured financial products worth €5,000 or more.

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