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E-commerce continues to grow at a rapid pace. That's why your business deserves the best online payment gateway, one that helps you translate visits to your website into revenue and helps your customers complete their purchases securely.

Bizum, the payment method most demanded by your customers

  • Our Get Checkout POS helps you to continue increasing your sales, which is why we now incorporate Bizum1, so that your customers have all the payment facilities. They will just have to enter their phone number and their Bizum Code to buy from your business. An quick and simple way, which will help you to not miss a single sale. Find out about how to activate Bizum on your Get Checkout POS.

Our experts at your service

  • Right from the beginning we are with you to help you choose the best configuration for your payment gateway, and make the integration with your online store easier. Our specialised e-Commerce team advise thousands of businesses like yours to design simple payment experiences that will help you improve your conversion into sales.

Fees to help you grow

  • Our fees are easy to understand and transparent. We have a very competitive Flat Rate that automatically adapts to the billing of your business. Logic, right? You can also choose a very low transaction fee, to grow your business without limits.

Developers: we speak your language

  • We make it easy for you so that the integration is modular, robust and without endless steps, with multiple integration methods. We help you design the payment experience that best suits your online store, from a simple shopping cart to web service. It all depends on you, we are read:

A great payment experience

  • Take your business to the next level with card tokenisation, tools against fraud and subscriptions. Your customers will be able to buy on your online store on a recurring basis without having to enter their card digits every time. In addition, we offer you Get Link&Pay, a system that allows you to send an SMS or email to the customer with a link to retrieve abandoned carts.

Receive many payments. As many as you want

  • Our platform is equipped to process large volumes so that you do not have problems on key dates. Can you imagine missing "Black Friday" or not being able to offer your services to customers the day the sales begin? Nor can we.

Security on your sales

Increase your revenue and improve your service

  • Our DCC Multicurrency Service allows your foreign customers to pay in their home currency. It gives them greater peace of mind, because they know what they are paying and you can generate extra revenue2 for each currency transaction. The service is free and transparent for you, because you always charge in Euros.

If you can choose the best option for your online business, don't hesitate. Get the Getnet Virtual POS Get Checkout. 

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