The payment gateway your eCommerce business needs

Turn visits to your website into revenue with Getnet's online payment gateway1, as it is secure and easy to use for you and your customers.

Simple, expert integration into your eCommerce operations

Our team of experts, at your service

  • This team advises thousands of businesses on designing simple payment experiences that help to improve sales conversions.
  • They will be by your side right from the start, helping to choose the best set-up for your payment gateway and making integrating it into your online shop easier.

Developers, we speak your language

  • With a modular, robust integration, no endless steps and multiple integration methods. Together, we will design the best payment experience for your online shop, from a simple shopping basket to a web service. Explore the integration models on the developer website.

A wonderful payment experience

  • Your customers will only have to enter their details once.
    Take your business to the next level with card tokenisation (so that your customers do not have to enter their card numbers every time), subscriptions for recurring purchases and anti-fraud tools.
  • Nobody will forget to buy what they have saved in their basket.
    With Get Link&Pay, you can send an SMS or email to customers with a link to recover their baskets if they did not complete an order.
  • Allow Bizum purchases.
    When you incorporate Bizum2, your customers simply need to enter their phone number and Bizum Code in order to make a purchase from you. A simple and flexible payment solution that means you will never miss out on a sale. Find out how to activate Bizum on your Get Checkout POS system.
  • Payments in fewer clicks with Apple Pay and Google Pay.
    With these two payment systems, there is no need for customers to re-enter their card details because this information is already stored on their device. These systems are fully secure, fast and convenient. If you already have Get Checkout POS, write to us and we will help you to set it up.

And with the services and features that make your day-to-day operations easier

  • Receive lots of payments. As many as you want

    Our robust platform is ready to process large volumes of users on peak days.

  • Security for your sales

    Find out more information about PCI security standards for merchants or the PSD2 regulation so that you can be up-to-date on how to make your eCommerce business as secure as possible.

  • Allow payment in foreign currencies at no cost to you

    The DCC Multicurrency Service enables your foreign customers to pay in their home currency. It gives them greater peace of mind, as they know what they are paying, and it can generate extra income3 for you for each foreign currency transaction. The service is free and transparent for you, as you always charge in euros.

How do I get the Get Checkout Virtual POS?

To get started using the Virtual POS for your eCommerce, all you need to do is enter your details in this form, and we will call you to help you through the subsequent steps for signing up for the service and getting it up and running.

For more information, go to getneteurope.com

Shall we discuss it?

If you would like to find out more, just fill in this form and we will contact you.


Virtual POS: Get Checkout POS


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