How do I comply with TicketBAI regulations?

In order to comply with the legal obligations and technical requirements of TicketBAI, you just need the Get Smart POS terminal1.

With the Get Smart POS terminal, you automatically comply with the TicketBAI regulations because the Quickshop app is already integrated into the system, so you can manage your entire business from the palm of your hand.

As well as complying with the TicketBAI legal requirements regarding purchase receipts and electronic invoices set out by Hacienda Vasca (the Basque Tax Authority), Quickshop helps your business because:

  • You don't need development or technological investment.
  • It allows you to manage both card and cash sales.
  • You can configure your products, and apply discounts and offers.
  • You can print and locate receipts with QR codes.
  • It's easy to use as it works like a cash register.

How do I configure the Get Smart POS in order to comply with TicketBAI?

  1. Turn on the POS terminal and enter the merchant details associated with the TicketBAI certificate.
  2. Upload your products into the catalogue.
  3. Sales:
  • Select the items that the customers is buying so they are added to the cart (or make a quick sale).
  • Select the method of payment and charge the customer: card/cash.
  1. The POS terminal will then generate a receipt with the TicketBAI information included.
  2. The receipt is then automatically sent electronically to the regional tax authority.

How much does the TicketBAI service cost?

The monthly cost for the service is € 15.

TicketBAI FAQs

  • What is TicketBAI?

  • TicketBAI is a joint project between the three regional tax authorities and the Basque Government. Its aim is to regulate the invoicing of transactions made by natural and legal persons that carry out economic activity, and involves complying with a series of legal and technical obligations.

    This regulation entails generating a document with all the necessary tax information and sending it to the relevant tax authorities at the time of sale.
  • What does the software need to do in order to comply with TicketBAI?

  • The payment terminal software must be able to generate an electronic invoice at the time of sale, allowing for traceability and transparency. It must also be able to generate an identification and QR code.

    It is important that the information is passed onto the relevant tax authorities at the time of sale.
  • Who is affected by TicketBAI?

  • TicketBAI affects all natural and legal persons, and entities without legal personality, with registered offices in the Basque Country that carry out economic activities and that are subject to the regulatory competence of the Basque regional tax authorities for Personal Income Tax or Corporate Income Tax. In other words, whoever issues invoices for the sale of products or services etc. will be affected by this regulation.

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