How does the POS system work? How do I use it in social commerce?

Transform your likes into sales with a single link.

If your share your products with your followers via social media, you could turn them into customers with our Get Social Selling POS1, because you don't need a website to sell.

Benefits of the Get Social Selling POS





The Get Social Selling POS generates a link that doesn't expire, which you can share on your social media profile or wherever you like, with no need to build or invest in a website.


Share your link and when you click on it, your followers will be able to see your product, select it, pay, and that's it! It will work even if you have only one product.


If you also sell in a pop-up store, you can share a QR code with your customers to make paying even easier.

How do you sell on social media with your Get Social Selling POS system?

  1. Create a profile for your business
    You just need to add the name of your business, your logo and a customer-service email.
  2. Upload your products
    Add an image of your product, the available stock and shipping details.
  3. Don't forget the small print
    Customise your terms and conditions, and your privacy policy.
  4. Share your link and start selling
    Put the link on your profile or in your email, WhatsApp or on your social media so your followers can start shopping.

How can you start using the POS system in social commerce?

To start selling your products and services via social media, get the Get Social Selling POS from any branch or enter your details here and we'll get in touch with you.

For more information, go to

FAQs about the POS system for social media

  • Who is the Get Social Selling POV for?

  • The Get Social Selling POS is a simple selling solution for small businesses and the self-employed who wish to sell online without needing a website, even if they only have one product.
  • How much does the Get Social Selling POS cost?

  • You can arrange different rates depending on your business and turnover. Contact us to find out more.
  • How can I get help on using my POS system?

  • You will be supported by a team of experts who will help you get selling with your POS system in less than 48 hours.

    You can contact the support team whenever you need to.
  • What do I need to start receiving payments for my sales?

  • You can start selling on social media with just your mobile. That's all you need!

    You will receive your payments immediately. You can check the details and review the status of your links on the Getnet portal.
  • Which social media can I use the Get Social Selling POS system with?

  • With the Get Social Selling POS, payments are made via a link that your customers can use to view all your products. This means you can use it on any social media website: Instagram, stories, WhatsApp, blogs, etc.

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