Short-term financing to pay your company's taxes

The Préstamo para el pago de impuestos is a short-term loan to finance the taxes derived from business activity, such as VAT, personal income tax or corporate tax.

The Préstamo para el pago de impuestos is aimed at:

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises with a turnover of less than €6 million, and self-employed persons, who settle their VAT and the Personal Income Tax quarterly.
  • Businesses of any turnover amount subject to Corporate Tax.


With the Préstamo para el pago de impuestos you can:

  • Pay your tax obligations without using your own resources.
  • Plan your cash flows in advance.
  • Apply for financing again in the following tax period, as it is amortised over the short-term.

The Préstamo para el pago de impuestos can only be arranged during the legally stipulated payment periods, these being the months of January, April, July and October.

This financing is available from €500 and is subject to prior approval by the bank. See conditions.

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