Finance for the purchase of company vehicles

Imagine having the vehicle your customer needs always available, regardless of the manufacturer's down payment. It's a dealership owner's dream that can now come true with Stock Credit. Because we know that you cannot be without vehicles, we help you to always keep a good stock with a credit facility that allows you to finance the purchase of new cars1 and to manage it easily online via the Banco Santander company e-banking system.


  • Manage your stock online. Payments, sales and registration procedures are digitised through the DGT electronic platform.
  • Digitise your payments. Carry out the entire payment and sale process online without leaving the dealership.
  • Control your credit account. Your balances are associated with the chassis number of the vehicles so that it is easy to see what is pending.


You can increase sales almost without leaving your site and whilst enjoying good terms. Find out more at your Santander office.

No matter the size of your dealership. Your stock will always be large.

Forget about the effort involved in advancing money to your manufacturer, come to one of our offices and sign up for Stock Credit.

Shall we discuss it?

If you would like more information, visit any of our branch offices.


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