Venture Debt: financing tailored to your start-up

A tool to get the capital you need to grow your business

What is Venture Debt?


Long-term specialist financing

Venture debt is a long-term debt financing, adapted to your business plan, and that complements the capital.


No losing control of your business

Unlike equity rounds, venture debt only incorporates a small percentage in shares or options (warrants) so it is a much less dilutive option.


Tailored to your business plan

Venture debt is a flexible financing mechanism, for multiple purposes with drawdown and repayment schedules adapted to your business plan.

Perks of Venture Debt

  • Maximizes amount by minimizing dilution. You maintain control of your company.
  • Increase the amount of financing, complementing capital rounds at a lower cost.
  • It allows you to improve your liquidity and extend the time you have before exhausting the available cash, that is, it improves the runway of your company.
  • It's flexible, tailoring to your business plan.

Who is Venture Debt for?

Venture Debt is for SMEs with a technological focus and start-ups which:

financial-manager They are still "burning cash".

sustainable-services They have already raised one round of capital.

capitalization They need to finance organic growth, M&A or complement an equity round.

Characteristics of Santander's Venture Debt


5.000.000 €


up to 48 months


with a small percentage of the company's shares included in exchange for the financing

How to contract this funding solution for startups?

There are a number of ways that you can arrange Venture Debt financing:

  • Contact your start-up specialists across the country.
  • Go to any Work Café branch or any branch within the bank's company network.

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