Loan1 for new projects and improvements within your company

Aimed at businesses, merchants and the self-employed that need financing to carry out new projects, to expand current projects, acquire productive assets, buy vehicles, acquire premises or renovate current premises.

The discounted loan is a loan designed for your company, where we reward your loyalty by giving you a discount of up to 1.50% based on your loyalty with us.

How can you take advantage of the reduced interest rate?

You will get a discount of 1.50% on the price of the loan in the first year. You will continue to get the discount after the second year, as long as you have arranged the following products:

    You must have paid premiums of more than €1,000 in the last 12 months to obtain a 0.50% discount.

    If you have already arranged any of the following products, you will get a discount of 0.50%:
  •  Technology and Car Renting1 with a monthly fee of at least 175 euros or, if you have arranged several Technology and Car Renting agreements, with an aggregate monthly fee of at least 175 euros per month.
  •  Movistar Prosegur Alarm2.
  •  Guarantees1.
  •  International Business Products, with amounts drawn on the date on which the loan is signed and compliance with the conditions is confirmed.

    To get a 0.50% discount you will need to have arranged the following products:
  •  Active POS turnover of €9,000 or more in the last 12 months or,
  •  You must have commercial financing1 (Cobro Ágil, Pago Ágil or Anticipo de Crédito) with a limit of at least €3,000 and you must have used this limit within 90 days prior to the date on which fulfilment of this requirement is validated.
  •  You must have performed foreign currency transactions for an amount equal to the equivalent value in euros of 10,000 euros in the 12 months prior to the formalisation of the loan and at the time compliance with these conditions is confirmed.

How can companies and the self-employed arrange this loan from Banco Santander?

If you want more information or want to arrange the Discounted Loan for companies, visit your nearest branch.

Shall we discuss it?

If you would like more information, visit any of our branch offices.


Discounted loan


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