Financing for high-growth companies

ESG/DSG Global Solutions is a way to access financing for high-growth companies that have already raised a second round of capital (Series B), have a proven product and are looking to scale their business or expand to other geographies.

Who is ESG/DSG Global Solutions funding for?

sustainable-services  For startups and scaleups developing their business in the sustainability and technology sectors.

financial-manager Especially suitable for those companies with a growth focus with high visibility.

Features of the ESG/DSG Solutions

This is a completely flexible debt product that allows you to access financing adapted to the needs of your startup or scaleup throughout its different stages of maturity.

But beyond financing, it includes access to a specialised advisory service for the sustainability and technology sectors, to accompany you in processes such as: IPOs, M&A, capital increases, finding strategic investors, debt structuring advice and more.

How do I sign up for ESG/DSG Solutions?

You have different ways to access ESG/DSG financing solutions:

  • Contact your startup specialists across the country.
  • Go to any Work Café branch or any branch of the bank's company network.

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