Benefits of Online Banking

With Online Banking, you can manage your finances without leaving home, at any time of the day and securely.


  • Check the latest account movements.
  • Control your expenses and deposits month by month through simple graphics.
  • Send money using the type of payment that is most convenient for you, including Bizum, and immediate transfers.
  • Consult and manage your bills.
  • Pay your taxes.
  • Check the movements of your cards and postpone a purchase to pay it later.
  • Query the PIN or CVV of your card and if you need to, turn it off, turn it on, or block it.
  • Check the details of your loan and repay capital.
  • Manage your correspondence, contracts and notifications.
  • Configure your products' alerts and choose if you want to receive them on your mobile phone or by e-mail.
  • Get special discounts at your favourite stores through Santander ZOne.


A place where you can access all the commercial information, benefits and conditions of the products so that you can find the one that best suits your needs:

Once you decide, arrange it online from the website:

  • Current Account.
  • Pre-approved cards and prepaid card.
  • Pre-approved loan, credited to your account immediately.
  • Investment funds.
  • Pension schemes.
  • Securities accounts.
  • Renting.
  • Protection insurance.

You can calculate the monthly repayments of your mortgage or personal loan. Enter the capital you need and the desired repayment term and discover the monthly repayment amount. The simulator also alerts you if your loan or mortgage is pre-approved.


Your bank is always at your side, wherever you are. If you need personalised assistance, you can request it through any of these channels:

  • Santander Personal: contact your manager by phone, e-mail or chat, or, if you still don't have one, request it from the website.
  • Make an appointment at your branch.
  • Use our wizard to resolve general queries about our products or how to use the website
  • Learn how to carry out common operations with our explanatory videos.
  • Find the nearest branch or ATM.

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