A solution for centralising liquidity

Optimise your company's treasury management through Cash Pooling.

Cash Pooling is a financial service available to companies and groups of companies so that they can concentrate the balances of several bank accounts in one centralising account, from and to which funds flow, by sweeping and replenishing funds between accounts.

If your company has subsidiaries in Spain and abroad, Cash Pooling is the best option to centrally manage all your accounts. You will have the support of the strength, the technical resources and the extensive network of correspondents to define Banco Santander Cash management structures, with an extensive coverage in Europe through the main banks in the euro zone.

Cash Pooling Features

Through Cash Pooling companies can concentrate all the balances of their different accounts into a single centralising account, with the following characteristics:

  • Sweeps can be performed between the national accounts of Banco Santander Spain or between Santander Spain accounts and other European banks.
  • These services will always be carried out in the same currency.
  • There are two types of services:
  • Sweeping Topping (sweep and cover transactions).
  • D-Zero.
  • The sweeps can be made respecting the effective date of the movements.  

By arranging Cash Pooling Santander you will make your banking processes more efficient and you will improve your financial muscle as a parent company, and so too your conciliation processes. The system allows you to:

  • Automate the sending and receiving of funds using predefined rules.
  • Organise banking flows. 

If you want to have the Cash Pooling service in your company or business group, go to your nearest Santander branch and ask to speak to the Cash Management specialist.

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