What is Santander Personal?

Santander Personal is a personalised management channel for all types of Businesses that offers Integral management, flexibility and 24-hour service completely free of charge.

Santander meets your needs with a personalised service provided by specialised Digital Managers that will help you drive the growth of your company wherever you are.

  • Personalised, you will always be attended by your Personal Manager.
  • You will benefit from the comprehensive management by experts in Financing (Finance leases, Operating leases, mediation paths, ...), Treasury, etc. that will provide you with the best alternatives for the development of your business and the management of your payments and collections.
  • A team of Digital Managers specialised in International Business will help you in your exports and imports, currency management, coverages, etc. in the language you need.
  • 24 hour service, free and multilingual.
  • A flexible channel where you can choose when and how to contact your manager.
    You choose how to communicate with your bank.

What benefits does it have?

  • Make the most of the latest technology and maintain direct contact with your Digital Manager
  • Remotely and close at hand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Benefit from all its advantages: immediacy, flexibility and personalised attention.
  • A service that adapts to you and your type of business so that your relationship with the bank remains comfortable and simple. Through Santander Personal we work to offer you the best personalised service every day, knowing how the different sectors work so as to offer you what you need so that your business continues to prosper.
  • You decide how you want your relationship with Banco Santander to be like:


The latest technology at your service, so you can contact your Digital Manager in an accessible, direct and innovative manner. You will be able to see and speak with your digital manager through the App Videollamada Santander.


You can quickly contact your Digital Manager through the Muro channel, a direct messaging channel, for specific queries that you can quickly and concisely discuss.


Contact your Digital Manager whenever you need to through a 24-hour service to help you with any type of procedure and take out products without having to travel, whenever and wherever you are.


Write an email to your Digital Manager for the banking operations that you need to carry out.


Who can access to this channel

All kinds of customers with different concerns can access our Santander Personal Particulares channel.

If you are in the Select segment you will be attended by a Digital Manager specialising in savings and investment products.

If you are self-employed, have or manage a company, a Digital Manager specialising in business products will be able to assist you whenever you need and inform you of all the benefits you have at different times of the year.

A team of Digital Managers specialising in International Business will help you with your exports and imports in the language you need.

How can you contact your Personal Manager?

Sign up to the channel using your own mobile phone. You can get access to your Digital Manager from the different communication channels: telephone contact, video call, chat and email.

You can also register for Santander Personal from your Client area on our website.
You will have access to all communication channels with your Manager and you will be able to view your details without leaving Online Banking.

Call us and register by ringing 915 123 123. Once you have registered, you can contact your Personal Manager whenever you need.

Register at any of our Santander branches. Then, you will be able to communicate with your Manager through all of the channels available to you.


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