Specialised treatment for institutions

Banco Santander is the institutional bank that has a wide range of financial products and services adapted to the needs of Public, Private and Financial Institutions.

Public Institutions

Our highly specialised team of experts attends to the needs of the Spanish public administration, at state, regional and local level.

  • Products and services adapted to the needs of the Public Administration, the Autonomous Communities and the Local Entities.
  • Collaborative management with all the other Santander Spain departments at your fingertips.
  • A team that works focused on Public Institutions and all the actors that deal with them: citizens, suppliers and officials.
  • Synergies in all countries where Santander Group is present.

Private Institutions

Let us be part of your institution, as our experts understand and can adapt to the needs of:

  • Non-profit organisations.
  • Foundations.
  • Religious orders.
  • Federations.
  • Associations.
  • Professional colleges.
  • Entities that belong to the associative movement in any of its multiple forms.

Therefore, you will have results linked to commitment and individual solutions, adapted to each case.

Financial Institutions

We know the sector, which is why we are specialists in:

  • Bank financial intermediation:
  • Banks.
  • Saving Banks.
  • Credit Cooperatives.
  • Non-bank financial intermediaries:
  • Insurance Companies.
  • Collective Investment Companies.
  • Insurance Brokerages, Independent Financial Advisory Companies (EAFI in Spanish), SGR, Listed Companies.
  • Appraisal Companies, Securities Companies and Agencies, Leasing, Factoring, etc.

With customised solutions. We study each case and place our specialists at your disposal to offer you the best solutions for your particular case.

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Experience and solutions for Institutions


Responses tailored to each Institution, whatever its condition. From lines of credit to deal with payments, to the advice and assistance required to start up large investment projects.

Socially responsible investment

For those who want their investments to be managed using socially responsible criteria in addition to financial ones, Santander also has a range of investment funds and discretionary portfolio management that include these criteria.


All our cards include extensive insurance coverage and through the electronic banking service you will be able to know and control their balances, movements, and payment methods.

Other products and services

As a client institution of Banco Santander, we can offer you our entire range of products and services for companies to support you, whatever the degree of complexity of your banking operations.

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