What payments can be made by companies via ATMs?

You can make the cash payments from your company to any beneficiary via the 4,800 ATMs operated by Banco Santander in Spain. You will just have to create a remittance in your online banking facility, and this generates a QR code that will be sent to the beneficiary. Each beneficiary may receive up to EUR 999 per day, in one or more payments.

Each beneficiary may receive up to EUR 999 per day, in one or more payments. To collect the payment, the payee simply has to use one of our ATMs.

Payments may be exact amounts in notes and coin, and can be made at ATMs in an extended timeframe, usually 24/7.

How can my company make payments with QR codes via ATMs?

You must follow these steps to make a payment from your company account:

  •  Generate a remittance with your electronic banking facility in a specific format, with details of beneficiaries, amounts and the number of the phone to which the QR code will be sent to enable it to be collected, along with the  OTP code to validate the transaction at the ATM.
  • You can use your electronic banking facility to find all the information on each remittance before and after the transaction at the ATM: payments issued, collected, pending and cancelled.  past history of advance payments made.
    The beneficiary will be sent the QR code, and will also be informed of the payer's name for clear identification of the amount to be received. And he/she may use any Banco Santander ATM to withdraw the payment.
    Your account will be charged when the payment is made at the ATM.

What are the requisites for a company to make QR payments via ATMs?

  • It must have a corporate multichannel contract, and have registered a set of signatures to validate the transfer of remittances via the electronic banking facility.
  • It must sign a specific contract for this ATM QR code payments service.

The QR code will never contain a link or ask to download an application. It will only be to be read from an ATM.

If a company makes a payment to me, how can I collect it with the QR code at ATMs?

At the ATM you can gain access via the carousel or from cardless transactions and selecting  "Transactions with QR code":

You have two options for entering the QR code: scanning it from the mobile or entering it manually.

A screen will then appear with the legal conditions you must accept to continue the process.

You must enter a security code you will receive via e-mail or via SMS.

Finally, you can see a summary of the transaction before withdrawing your cash.

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