Supplier payment solution

Using a one-stop solution with DUO Confirming:

  1. Manage your supplier payments.
  2. You can finance your payments.
  3. And what's more, if you decide to defer payment on the due date, we will provide you with the financing.

So, this one-stop service gives you all the benefits of Standard Confirming to make advance payments to suppliers, as well as those of Agile Payment so you can pay beyond the due date of your invoices.


  • Financing: without consuming the limits in banks and without affecting CIRBE.
  • Security: guaranteed settlement of invoices brought forward.
  • Flexible: you don't need to be a customer or change Bank.
  • Multi-channel: advance available at both Online Banking, Banco Santander App, Confirming App, Contact Centre, email, and of course, at your branch.


  • Simple: you have three services in a single product - payment management, financing for your suppliers and financing for your company.
  • Digital: send remittances through our Online Banking..
  • Financing: the Bank provides you with the liquidity to meet your supplier payment on the due date.
  • Planning: get ahead with the management and optimisation of your operations with suppliers.
  • Solvency: you will improve the image of your company or business.


The cost of early invoice payment is covered by the supplier, and if you want to finance your payment on the due date, your company will bear the costs of the deferral.

For suppliers: interest rate and a fee charged at the time of the invoice advance.

For you: interest rate and fee on the financed amount, which is charged on the invoice due date until the agreed deferral date.

Financing subject to prior authorisation by the Bank. Service provided by Santander Factoring y Confirming S.A.U. E.F.C.

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