Discounts for prompt payment to suppliers

Pronto Pago Financiado is a solution for making payments to your suppliers, which will open the door to negotiate early payment discounts and allow you to make payments without affecting your company's liquidity.

How does it work?

To take advantage of the benefits of Financed Prompt Payment, the supplier and the company that is the customer of the transaction agree to up front payment, negotiating a discount for prompt payment.

The supplier receives payment in cash, while the customer gets a discount on the original invoice amount and, because this payment is made with bank funding, they can reserve their own liquidity for other purposes.

With Financed Prompt Payment, payments can be made to national and international suppliers, because they can be made in euros and other currencies.


The Financed Prompt Payment solution involves:

  • An opening or renewal fee, which is applied at the time of opening or renewing the facility.
  • An advance fee and interest rate, transfer percentage and rate applied to the payment orders sent, applied at the time the remittance is sent.

How to arrange it

If you want to arrange Santander Confirming, you can apply at any one of our network of branches.

Shall we talk?

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Financed Prompt Payment Santander

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