A protection insurance for companies

Your company deserves to have Seguro Multirriesgo Integral Pymes, since unforeseen events (fires, thefts, claims, etc.) may arise during daily operations that could jeopardise the continuity of your company.

It is an insurance policy designed for companies with service and manufacturing activities, workshops and warehouses without sales, as well as the automotive, hotel, food and educational centre sectors, etc., with a wide range of coverages and services that adapt to each activity.


  • Material damage1

Fire and complementary risks
Atmospheric phenomena.
Water damage, even if caused by third parties.
Damages due to vandalism up to the insured amount.
Damages due to fire or broken glass, windows, mirrors, stained glass and sanitary devices.

  • Damages due to theft1

Third-party assets included.
Up to 100% of the established limit of money in the case of robbery.
Damages due to theft on the premises, even if only the contents are insured.

  • Civil Liability (CL)1

Covers the Civil Liability of the operations and real estate. Other civil liabilities (for work related accidents or products) can be also covered. 100% coverage of legal defence expenses.

  • Business Interruption losses1

Compensation for the profits and/or permanent expenses of the company in the event of temporary stoppage of the activity as a result of a claim covered by the material damage coverage, including due to theft.

  • Specific coverage according to the Sector1

Option to arrange additional coverage adapted to the hotel, automotive, teaching or public parking sector.

How to arrange cover

Arrange your Seguro Multirriesgo Integral Pymes at your nearest branch!

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Business insurance complementary services

The Seguro Multirriesgo Integral Pymes also has additional services designed for your business, including:

  • Emergency assistance service

Travel time and three 3 hours of labour covered by breakdown repair.

  • Technological and computer assistance service

Computer technician available to the customer 24 hours a day.
Computer monitoring and expert reporting in case of employee misconduct.
Safeguarding the image of the customer on the web (opinions, comments, forums).

Shall we discuss it?

If you would like more information, visit any of our branch offices.


Seguro Multirriesgo Integral Pymes


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