Insurance for all kinds of farmers

Your business deserves the protection of Fully Comprehensive Farming Insurance to ensure that everyday risks don't put continuity of operations at risk.

Designed to satisfy the needs of both agriculture (dry and irrigated farming) and livestock farming (cattle, sheep, pigs, breeding centres, etc.) with a wide range of cover and services that adapt to each activity.

Farming insurance cover

  • Material damage1

Lightning strikes and fire.
Atmospheric phenomena.
Damage due to electrical wiring.
Water damage.
Damage from vandalism.

  • Damage from theft1

Theft of content.
Damage to container from robbery or attempted robbery.
Livestock theft.
Livestock theft from fields as primary risk.
Theft of irrigation equipment.

  • Civil Liability (CL)1

In relation to operations, workplace accidents, products, etc.

  • Loss of earnings1

Gross income (permanent costs and net profit) or permanent costs, as agreed.

  • Comprehensive cover for accidents1

Extension of material damage cover to any accidental damage.

  • Cover for specific assets1

Extension of guarantees: includes the death or necessary slaughter of livestock due to attack by wild or feral animals.
Specific cover for each species of livestock: accidents, asphyxia, reduced production, etc.

Irrigation equipment:
Electrical damage to irrigation equipment and accessories.

Straw and fodder:
Insurance with a compensation limit per risk unit in haystacks and barns for storing straw or for mixed use.

How to arrange it

Arrange your Fully Comprehensive Farming Insurance at your nearest branch or through Santander Personal.

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If you would like more information, visit any of our branch offices.

Additional guarantees for the farming insurance

Fully Comprehensive Farming Insurance features additional services designed with your business in mind, including:

  • Urgent assistance

Selection of and connection with professionals.
Repairs, reforms and other services.

  • IT assistance

IT technician available for customers 24/7.
IT expertise and tracking in the event of employee disloyalty.
Safeguarding the customer's online image (feedback, comments, forums).

  • Digital protection

Expert IT report.
Location and blocking of mobile devices.
Brand or name monitoring and erasure.

Shall we discuss it?

If you would like more information, visit any of our branch offices.


Fully Comprehensive Farming Business Insurance


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