Software update equals security and stability

"Update now? Everything works well so surely it is not necessary”. This phrase has sometimes crossed our minds. And we were all wrong. The Software and Security updates are of vital importance for the correct functioning of our devices and, above all, to be able to carry out all the procedures securely.

Every time manufacturers release a new update, it is because it will improve what you already had, add new features, produce fewer errors and remove possible vulnerabilities from the system. Therefore, each new Software and Security update makes your electronic devices more stable and secure.

At Banco Santander we know that your online security is vitally important to you so we bring you the best recommendations so that you can surf the Internet safely thanks to device updates.


Although you should always update all the programs, applications and software that require it, to avoid security problems it is essential that you update:

  1. Web browsers. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari are the most widely used browsers. They are also the port of call for malware, or malicious software, to enter your devices. Do not forget to always use the latest version to prevent access to your private information. This is especially important if you use your web browsers for online shopping or online banking. Both banking and electronic commerce have all the guarantees to prevent fraud with their constant updates.
  2. Antivirus and other security programs. This is an extra layer of security of vital importance for devices. But in order for them to do their job correctly, you must keep them updated so that they can protect you against the new malware threats that are being created.
  3. Operating System. It is the software that makes your device work correctly, whether its a computer, a tablet or a phone. The functioning and security are improved with the updates, so it is necessary to install them quickly. When a vulnerability appears on the systems, security patches are created and included in these updates, so install them as soon as possible to avoid the possible theft of information or identity theft and avoid major problems.


  1. Use only official pages to download software updates. This way you avoid malicious programs.
  2. Set up automatic updates. In this way, you will not have to worry about the dates and the devices will update themselves.
  3. Do not use old software versions. If manufacturers have stopped using them, then there is a reason why. Avoid them, even if everything works well with them.
  4. You should also update your mobile devices. You can do more and more with them so you must be as careful with them as with any computer.

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