Security alert for transfers received

Here are the possible ways this online fraud can happen:

  • When accessing your online banking, you receive an alert notice that makes you believe that you have received a transfer into your account by mistake.
  • The message asks whether you wish to refund the money that was allegedly deposited.
  • By clicking on the link to return the transfer, an illegitimate transfer is charged to your account.


If you have seen the fraudulent message when entering your online banking, it is because you have a malicious program on your computer that is falsifying the Santander page: in other words, the affected resource is your device, not the online banking.

For this reason, it is important that you ensure your computer’s operating system is updated and that you have a good antivirus, which is also updated. This will help protect your devices when browsing the internet.

To avoid these circumstances in the future, we also recommend that you download and install the security program Trusteer Rapport. As a Santander customer, the download is free and will provide you with an additional layer of security so that you can use the most protected Santander Online Banking: Trusteer Rapport detects possible attacks by automatically removing viruses or malicious programs from your computer. More information available here.

If you have clicked on the fraudulent link, we recommend that you also change your access codes to online banking to prevent them from impersonating you in the event that they have managed to capture them.

To learn how to protect your information and accounts, follow our online security tips at Facebook or Twitter or visit this page with useful information.

If you have questions, contact Superlínea and we will help you: 915 123 123


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