What is the IBM Trusteer Rapport?

At Santander we want to protect your accounts against possible virtual attacks, so we have made the IBM Trusteer Rapport software available to you. It’s a free program that gives you an additional layer of security so you can browse with more protection.

How does it work?

The IBM Trusteer Rapport software automatically removes viruses or malicious programs from your computer by detecting possible risks. This way, we can guarantee that your information and your financial accounts are better protected.

Why should you install security software?

Despite the fact that Banco Santander Digital Banking has all the necessary security measures, there are cybercriminals who develop techniques to obtain your personal information and try to steal your money. In fact, the majority of financial frauds originate from cases of identity theft, through obtaining data such as your Online Banking access codes, for example.

The methods employed by these criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated and are evolving very rapidly. Antivirus protection is therefore sometimes insufficient to detect possible risks.

Although Banco Santander uses the most advanced security systems in order to protect your accounts and personal information, virus attacks or malicious programs may directly attack your own device, resulting in access to your Online Banking being compromised.


How can I download the security software?

If you want to install IBM Trusteer Rapport on your computer, you just have to click on the "Download” button. The file "RapportSetup.exe" will automatically be downloaded to your computer. Open it to continue with the installation.


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