This number is indicative of the risk of the product, being 1/6 indicative of lower risk and 6/6 of higher risk.

Banco Santander is attached to the Credit Institutions Deposit Guarantee Fund. For money deposits the maximum guaranteed amount is 100,000 euros per depositor in each credit institution.


Santander Select, your personal banking

Santander Select is for you if you need a more personalised service, as well as products and services according to your financial assets. A highly-qualified Select Specialist will be there to help you to achieve your goals and make your plans a reality.

Because even in the most basic we offer you exclusive solutions for belonging to Select: have access to the Santander Account1 to manage your day to day, with access to exclusive services and more than 1,900 branches.

In addition, enjoy Santander Debit and Credit2 cards, the best alternative to make your purchases and with €0 commission for debit cash withdrawals at more than 7,000 Santander ATMs in Spain and 30,000 in the world.

Your Select Specialist

The first step in our management model is listening to and understanding your financial needs. Your Select Specialist will be by your side to ensure that you achieve your financial goals and help you to manage everything that affects you and your loved ones.

  • Specialists in providing you with a personalised service.
  • Specialists in developing tailored products and services.
  • Specialists in the best digital tools.

Meet your Select Specialist

Telephone service

Open from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., except national holidays.

915 123 123

As a Select customer, this may be of interest to you


Savings and Investment for Select customers3

A full range of investment funds, with different fund objectives and investment periods. You will have exclusive access to a representative selection of Santander Private Banking Investment Funds so that you can complete your investment portfolio.

You will also be able to take out Pension Schemes, subscribe to Fund Portfolios and invest in stock exchanges and markets, all completely online.



Planeta Seguros: save up to 11%

With Planeta Seguros, you can consolidate all of your insurance policies, pay on a month-by-month basis, and save up to 11%.

Protect what matters to you the most, such as your health or the health of your loved ones, insure your home or your car, and find the insurance policy that is best suited to your needs.



The financing4 you need, totally tailored to you

To carry out your projects or face any unforeseen event that may arise. Reform your house, make that trip, change your car or buy that house you want so much in special conditions for being a Select customer.

Also enjoy our secured loans to make your dreams come true without unwinding liability positions or repaying investment products.




All you need to know as a Select customer

  • Which account do Select customers have?

  • Discover an account boasting services that make it easier to manage your daily transactions. A financial assistant, an improved banking experience when travelling and a way to maximise your subscriptions are all at your fingertips with your Santander Account. And if you would like access to even more services, you can arrange programmes to improve your experience.
  • Which cards can I take out and use as a Select customer?

  • If you need to defer or split payments to enjoy greater flexibility while making purchases, you can take out and use Santander Credit Cards, which also bring you added benefits just for using them.
  • Which other insurance policies5 are available for Select customers?

    • Life Insurance that provides cover against death, absolute permanent disability or severe disability. We also offer an exclusive life insurance policy for women that covers female cancers.
    • Home Insurance that you can tailor to your needs and pay for the cover that you require.
    • Health Insurance that boasts extensive cover and access to full medical services or will reimburse costs, depending on the type chosen.
    • Car Insurance featuring different types of policies, based on your needs.
    • Funeral Insurance to help your loved ones with arrangements and costs after your death.
    • Dependence Insurance for financial assistance to help you deal with the costs arising from a situation of dependence.

All from your App!

A simple, smart experience with new features when it comes to signing up for products.

Fully personalise your Santander App

Choose the design in the account overview that best meets your needs: classic, basic or Smart view.

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Your payments at your fingertips

  Send money immediately using Bizum.

  Make transfers with no fee (except for urgent and immediate transfers).

  Pay by mobile phone:

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