Personalised attention as and when you need it

If you are Santander Select customer, you have at your disposal a certified select manager who is always ready to attend to your needs and who will offer you solutions to help you meet your financial objectives. As and when you need it.

Making your projects a reality is much easier.

What benefits does the Select Manager offer?

  • You can carry out your daily operations from anywhere and whenever you need.
  • Your select manager will offer you information about exclusive products and benefits for Select customers. For example, the Cuenta One or the Select Global debit card, with which you can withdraw cash for free at more than 35,000 Santander ATMs around the world.
  • The service will provide you with unique and personalised attention to help you manage your wealth by analysing the investment products and pension plans that best suit you.

How to use the service

The Select Manager adapts to your life and your needs, offering you two forms of management:

  • A face-to-face Select Manager. Our branches have exclusive and private spaces for Select customers, where your manager will attend to your needs.
  • A Santander Personal Select Manager. You can streamline your day-to-day transactions by telephone inquiries or by email to facilitate the resolution of your needs.

Start enjoying the benefits of your Santander Personal Financial Manager now!

Shall we discuss it?

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Options for signing up for the Select Manager service for my finances

The Select Manager service is one of the benefits that Banco Santander offers its Select customers. To enjoy personalised attention:

  • Sign up on the website through our Select customer form.
  • Request information at any of the Banco Santander branches and we will explain the benefits of being a Select customer and having a Select Manager.
  • Call 915 123 123.

If I am already a Select customer, how can I change my Personal Manager to Santander Personal?

  • In the private part of the web or APP, in the section ‘Your Manager’ you can request the change of your face-to-face service to Santander Personal.
  • Request information at any Banco Santander branch.
  • Call 915 123 123.

Shall we discuss it?

If you would like to find out more, just fill in this form and we will contact you.

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