Personalised service whenever and however you need it

At Select, we listen to you to understand your financial needs. That is why a Select Specialist will always be available to you with financial solutions, keeping ahead of your needs. Your Select Specialist will help you manage everything that affects you - and also your loved ones. Wherever and whenever you like.

Ultimately, you won't only get products, you'll get solutions. Meaning it's much easier to make your dreams come true.

The Select Specialist adapts to your lifestyle and needs

You will receive a unique, personalised service for any matters that you would like to address directly with your specialist:

  • Onsite Select Specialist who will serve you at our network of branches in a private area exclusively for Select customers. Arrange a branch appointment with your specialist to be seen personally without delay. It's simple on our WEBSITE or in the APP, in the Help Centre section under Make An Appointment.
  • Santander Personal Select Specialist for making your fully online transactions quick and simple. On the website or in the app, in the My Manager section, you can make your transactions quick and simple by discussing your queries on the phone, via email, in a chat or, if you rather, via a videocall.

Decide how you want to communicate with your specialist at the time. Because all needs are not the same, and every day is not the same either, you choose the time and channel.

How do I get my Select Specialist?

The Select Specialist service is one of the benefits Banco Santander offers its Select customers. To get a personal service:

If I already have a Select Specialist, how can I change them for a remote one?

Your Select Specialists provides an onsite service at the branch. If you would like to get remote personal service, you should swap your Select Specialist for a remote Santander Personal specialist.

  • In the private area of the website or APP, in the Your Manager section, you can submit a request for your onsite service to be changed to Santander Personal.
  • Request information at your nearest office.
  • Call 915 123 123.

Shall we discuss it?

If you would like to find out more, just fill in this form and we will contact you.


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