Get a green mortgage to make your new home more sustainable

At Banco Santander, we are committed to sustainability and caring for the environment. That is why we offer green mortgages with a discounted interest rate for the purchase of sustainable homes. In addition, if you are interested in renovating your home to make it sustainable, or if your mortgage guarantee is a sustainable property, you can also obtain discounts on the price of your mortgage.

If your new home is rated as energy efficient in consumption and emissions, i.e., is rated as class A or B according to the relevant certificates issued by industry-standard companies, or a sustainable housing certificate issued by BREEAM Excellent or superior, LEED Gold or superior , VERDE or PASSIVE HOUSE, we will apply a discount of 0.10% on the nominal interest rate for the whole term of the loan.

You simply need to send the Bank an Energy Efficiency Certificate for the property mortgaged, showing any of the above energy efficiency classes.

When you buy an efficient home, you are not only taking a step toward improving the planet, but you will also save on your energy bills and you will reduce your carbon footprint. If today your home is not efficient enough, remember that you can carry out rehabilitation works to improve energy efficiency. Go to our Energy Efficiency simulator and calculate how much energy efficiency you could achieve with your home improvements.

Check out our range of mortgages and choose the one that is most suitable for you. We guarantee that whatever mortgage you choose will be sustainable.

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Find out more about our green mortgages

Mixed Mortgage

With a fixed repayment amount at the start of the mortgage loan then a variable repayment depending on the Euribor.

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Variable Mortgage

With an interest rate that may rise or fall depending on changes in the Euribor.

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Youth Mortgage

You could finance up to 95% of the appraisal or sale value (whichever is lower) over 30 years.

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Other Purposes

A loan to reform your home, finance the payment of taxes or pay for your studies.

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Green mortgages


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