A second life for your expired cards

Your card has expired. Find out what you can do now. Take it to a Santander ATM and we will give it a second life. It will recycled and turned into a bench, which we will donate to public bodies, who will install it somewhere where we can all enjoy it.

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We recycle your cards

As part of a sustainable and responsible initiative, at Santander we transform cards into urban furniture.

We explain how we do it, step-by-step

  1. It all begins at your Santander ATM. Just put your expired or unused cards inside. 
  2. We take cards back so that they can do not do any harm to the environment. And don't worry: your data are protected throughout the entire process.
  3. We are giving cards a second life as street furniture.
  4. Enjoy! We are donating these benches to public bodies, who will place them in locations where you can rest after taking a walk or sit and read a book, in the knowledge that the bench you are sitting on is 100% sustainable.

What are our new sustainable cards like?

  • Recycled PVC cards
    Every year, Santander Spain saves more than 22 tonnes of single-use plastic and 360 tonnes of CO2eq by issuing over 4.5 million cards made from sustainable materials.

  • Accessible design
    Our cards have a notch on the bottom to make them more accessible to people with visual disabilities.

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