How are our cards sustainable?

As part of our commitment to sustainable responsible banking, focused on assisting the bank's environmental transition, by 2025 all debit, credit and pre-payment cards in Poland, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom are going to be made with sustainable materials, such as recivled PVC.

  • Recycled PVC cards
    They use less energy than plastic cards during the production process, the change to environment-friendly cards will prevent the emission of more than 1,000 tonnes of CO2 per year, the equivalent of the energy consumption of almost 1,000 households¹.We will also reduce the use of plastic by 60 tonnes every year when the process, which began almost two years ago, has been completed.

    In an exercise of responsibility, our cards include a notch at the bottom to facilitate accessibility for people with visual disabilities.

Recycle your old cards

Did you know that cards are considered electronic waste, and require a special recycling process? If your card has expired or you have decided to cancel it, you can take it to a Santander ATM and insert it. We take it out of the ATM and process it to separate the PVC's electrical components and give it a second life by creating street furniture with all the PVC we recycle. Also, your new Santander card is made from sustainable materials! Thank you for helping us to protect the environment.

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Sustainable cards

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