Easy management of your needs

To manage your day-to-day finances, we offer you accounts and cards that best suit your needs.


Discover an account with services to facilitate your daily management. A financial assistant, a better banking experience on your trips, a way to optimize your subscriptions, all this at your fingertips with your Santander Account. In addition, if you want to have even more services you can hire programs to improve your experience.


If you need to delay payments or split them to pay for your purchases with greater flexibility, you also have the Santander Credit Cards at your disposal, which come with benefits just for using them.

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Adapted alternatives for managing your wealth

As a Select customer, you have the advice of a Select Manager, who will study your profile and needs to assess the investment products that adapt to your accounts and objectives, as well as the pension plans that guarantee a better future for you and your family.

  • Investment Funds. Fixed income, variable or mixed funds? You decide where and how to invest your wealth to obtain the best results. We advise you on how to do it.
  • Selection of Portfolios. Benefit from an exclusive portfolio management service, through which your investments will be actively and flexibly managed by professionals with an extensive knowledge of the markets.

Find out about the investment alternatives here that best suit your needs and profile.

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest market developments and possible investments through search engines and simulators.
  • Find all the information you need in your email. You can receive the monthly market report and the analysis carried out by your experts in your email.

Give savings a meaning with these plans that invest in your future and that of your family.

  • Pension plans, so that when you retire you can benefit from the advantages of long term saving and take advantage of the tax advantages now.
    If you want to calculate how much you need to save month by month so that your retirement income is what you imagine it would be, answer 5 simple questions in the simulator.
  • Child savings plan, to guarantee the studies of your children.
  • Plan Futuro PPA, a flexible and regular savings insurance with which you can build up capital for when you retire with guaranteed interest.
  • Santander SIALP Savings Plan, an individual savings insurance to save in the long term with guaranteed interest and tax benefits.
  • Plan de Ahorro Seguro Santander (PASS), an individual savings insurance to constitute medium and long-term savings with guaranteed interest.

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Custom financing

Access tailored lines of financing with special conditions and response times for Select customers.

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Insurance for you and your family

Discover the complete insurance range:

  • Life insurance with coverage in the event of death or permanent absolute or severe disability. We also offer you exclusive life insurance for women with coverage in the event of female cancer.
  • Home insurance you can configure to suit your needs, and pay for the coverage you need.
  • Health insurance with extensive coverage and access to a complete medical team or in the form of reimbursement of expenses.
  • Car insurance with different options, according to your needs.
  • Funeral insurance to make the arrangements and costs associated with the death of a loved one easier.
  • Dependency insurance to obtain an economic supplement to cover the expenses generated by a situation of Dependency.

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