This number is indicative of the risk of the product, being 1/6 indicative of lower risk and 6/6 of higher risk.

Banco Santander is attached to the Credit Institutions Deposit Guarantee Fund. For money deposits the maximum guaranteed amount is 100,000 euros per depositor in each credit institution.




Making it simple to meet your needs

Because we offer you solutions to suit you, our Select customer, even for your most basic everyday transactions.


Discover an account with services and functionalities so that you do not miss anything from your daily finances. You will have a financial assistant, an improved banking experience when travelling, a way to optimise your subscriptions - all at your fingertips with your Santander Account1. And if you'd like access to even more services, you can arrange programmes to improve your experience.

  • An account with no administration or maintenance fees and with access to services and functionalities that will allow you to keep on top of your finances.
  • No commission for making transfers in euros from our Online Banking, the Santander App and ATMs except urgent and immediate.
  • When you get your salary or pension paid directly into your acount, you will get individual accident insurance (up to €6,000).


Just for opening the Santander Account, you will get the Santander Debit Card and Santander Credit Card2, with no issuance and maintenance fee. With the latter, you can defer payments or split them to pay for your purchases with greater flexibility and enjoy more benefits just by using it.

Enjoy these additional benefits when you use your cards:

  • Debit cash withdrawals without commission at any Santander ATM in the world
  • Access the 30,000 Santander ATMs.
  • Accident insurance up to €120,0003.
  • With access to Santander Premia4 where you will discover unique offers for you.
  • Send money immediately without commission through Bizum.

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Tailored financing

We have the financing you need, fully tailored to you:

  • Loans and Credit1 run your projects and deal with anything unexpected that might crop up with any of our financing solutions for tax payments, renovations, travel, change of car, and more. If you are interested in a Personal Loan, answering a couple of questions, here you can simulate the monthly fee you will pay, as well as its associated expenses.
  • Mortgages to acquire a new home or a second home. In addition, you can calculate quickly and in a few steps the monthly payment of your mortgage in this simulator.
  • Access to collateralised loans, so you can keep investing and making a return on your money

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Insurance for you and your family

Protect what is most important to you, such as your health or that of your loved ones, and insure your most valued assets, such as your home or your car. Take out any of our insurance policies and save up to 11% when you group them together with Planeta Seguros Santander which also lets you pay your premium monthly.

Discover the entire range of insurance policies you can arrange:

  • Life insurance with cover for Death, Permanent Total Disability or Severe Disability. We also offer an exclusive life insurance policy for women that covers female cancers.
  • Home Insurance that you can tailor to your needs and pay for the cover you require.
  • Health Insurance with extensive cover and access to a full medical service or to reimbursement of costs, depending on the type chosen.
  • Car Insurance of different types.
  • Funeral Insurance to help your loved ones with arrangements and costs after your death.
  • Dependency Insurance for financial assistance to help you tackle the costs generated by a situation of dependency.
  • Senior Protection Insurance to provide the assistance required and address the personal and financial consequences of an accident.
  • Childhood Savings Plan for saving for your children's education.

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