This number is indicative of the risk of the product, being 1/6 indicative of lower risk and 6/6 of higher risk.

Banco Santander is attached to the Credit Institutions Deposit Guarantee Fund. For money deposits the maximum guaranteed amount is 100,000 euros per depositor in each credit institution.



Quick and easy online financing without leaving home

Finance renovations, home improvements and purchases of sustainable household appliance that save energy and improve the energy efficiency rating of your home.


You can apply and manage the loan with total autonomy and agility. If you need help in the process, you will have a phone manager at your disposal at all times.


We provide our financial aggregator to incorporate information on income and expenses. Forget about looking for papers and presenting them in an office!


You can do the whole process without having to go to an office. When we approve your application, you will have the money in your account as soon as you sign the contract.

Once the viability of your loan has been confirmed, the contracting process will begin, which also entails the opening of the Santander Online Account3 no maintenance fee (TIN 0% APR 0%), or conditions. With it, you can also enjoy the Santander Debit Card, without issuance or maintenance fee.

What can you use this loan for?


  • Installation of solar panels.
  • Storage batteries.

Heating, cooling and hot water

  • Installation of heating, cooling and domestic hot water systems with energy ratings A+, A++, A+++ (old labelling between A+++ and D) and A, B or C (new labelling between A and G).
  • Condensing boilers.
  • Heat pumps.
  • Aerothermics.
  • Geothermics.

Control and automation

  • Smart control devices for water, electricity, ventilation and air-conditioning for integrated management of energy efficiency.

Insulation of façades and cladding

  • Replacement of exterior carpentry: installation of aluminium or PVC thermal break windows, low-emission double glazing, complying with the limits established in the Technical Building Code (CTE) for Energy Saving.
  • External insulation finishing system (EIFS).
  • Double-skin façades.

Resume application

If you have started your loan application, resume it now! You're almost there.

  • For customers with income paid directly into their account: 5.50% NIR; 5.95% APR. Arrangement fee: €120. Total amount payable €14,629.44 (€12,000 amount requested + €2,509.44 interest + €120 fees). Monthly repayment: €174.16. Total cost of the loan: €2,629.44.
  • For customers with no income paid directly into their account: 6.50% NIR; 7.02% APR. Arrangement fee: €120. Total amount payable €15,118.32 (€12,000 amount requested + €2,998.32 interest + €120 fees). Monthly repayment: €179.98. Total cost of the loan: €3,118.32.

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