What is a company's carbon footprint?

The carbon footprint is the total emissions generated directly or indirectly by a person, an organisation, an event or a product. On a daily basis, the business of companies generates greenhouse gases which build up in the atmosphere and are responsible for climate change.

How is it calculated?

Find out your company's carbon footprint and offset it easily and quickly thanks to our alliance with Global Factor.

If you are a company committed to climate change and sustainability, we can help you with the Go CO2 neutral tool, which you can use to:

  • Calculate your carbon footprint: go CO2 neutral can easily calculate the carbon footprint of your company's business, expressed in tonnes of CO2 equivalent.
  • Offset your carbon footprint: go CO2 enables you to offset the carbon footprint of your company's business. When the emissions caused by the company's business are known, the tool enables them to be offset by any project you choose. In each project we tell you how much it will cost you to offset each tonne of CO2 (euros/tonne). You can offset as many tonnes as you like, irrespective of the total footprint calculated.

How can you reduce your company's carbon footprint?

  1. Enter the business data and go CO2 neutral calculates the emissions directly. The business data requested may be easily identified by any company.
  2. Choose the project to offset emissions. These are projects that are guaranteed and acknowledged by the UN's Climate Change Clean Development Mechanisms (CDMs), helping achieve the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.
  3. Pay the amount required to offset the emissions generated by your company through the virtual POS. Automatically, the platform will generate a certificate guaranteeing execution of the offsetting operation.

Shall we discuss it?

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