What is CNMV?

The CNMV or National Securities Market Commission is the body that supervises or inspects the Spanish securities markets and the activity of companies that issue or offer securities, companies that provide investment services and collective investment institutions. It has two objectives:

  • ensure the transparency of the Spanish stock markets,
  • and ensure the protection of investors.

As the supervisory body of the securities market, all issuers wishing to be listed in Spain and all issues made must have the authorisation of the CNMV.

The CNMV was created by Law 24/1988 on the Securities Market and, since then, has been collecting information on listed companies and all securities issued in Spain, monitoring market movements and dealing with questions and complaints from investors, among other functions.

Part of the documentation received by the CNMV can be consulted in its public archives. The organisation also prepares regular reports on the situation of the Spanish stock markets and the main listed companies.


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